W.T. Grant Company 606 Schematic

W.T. Grant Company 606

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Manufacturer:W.T. Grant Company

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Six inches of cord are required. Numbers below correspond to circled numbers in diagram.
1. Rotate tuning knob to extreme clockwise position.
2. Tie cord to loop in spring as shown.
3. Pass cord over idler pulley.
4. Pass cord OVER pointer shaft; wind it one turn around shaft; pass it through key washer, then once more around shaft.
5. Hook spring over end of dial support. Tie cord to spring. IMPORTANT: Full contraction of spring must rotate pointer shaft at least one half turn.
6. Remove dial crystal by removing snap-in rivets.
7. Make sure tuning knob is in extreme clockwise position. Then rotate pointer clockwise, against friction of shaft, until it is in a horizontal position, as shown.

POWER SUPPLY... 105 to 125 volts, DC or 50 60 cycle AC, 35 watts. Also made for 25 cycles.
FREQUENCY RANGE... 530 to 1650 kc.
TUNING... Two-gang capacitor.
ANTENNA.. Built-in loop. Also provisions for external antenna. No ground required.
SPEAKER... - 5 - inch; P.M.; voice coil impedance 3.2 ohms.

POWER OUTPUT... 1 watt undistorted. 1.5 watts maximum.
SENSITIVITY... 10 microvolts average for 50 - milliwatt output.
SELECTIVITY.. 55 kc. broad at 1000 times signal at 1000 kc.
12SK7, R.F. amplifier
12SA7, converter
12SK7, I.F. amplifier
12SQ7, 2nd detector, AVC, 1st audio
35L6GT, output amplifier
35ZSGT, rectifier

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DIAL LIGHT - If the dial lamp burns out the set should not be operated until a new lamp has been installed. Failure to heed this caution may result in a burned-out 35Z5GT tube. To replace the lamp, first remove the four buttons which hold the back to the cabinet. On the inside of the back unclip the green, black, and white wires clipped to the back. The Chassis View illustration shows the location of the dial lamp. Pull the lamp bracket toward the rear of the radio. The lamp can now be removed and replaced. Use a 6 to 8 - volt lamp, type T - 47. When replacing the back on the cabinet, connect the green wire to the green painted clip, the black wire to the black.painted clip, and the white wire to the unpainted clip.

REMOVAL OF CHASSIS - If for any reason you wish to remove the radio chassis from the cabinet, proceed as follows: First be sure the line cord is disconnected from the house power receptacle. Then take off the back as described under " Dial Light " above. Pull the volume control knob off its shaft. Unscrew the locking screw in the center of the tuning koob and pull the knob off its shaft. Remove the four chassis mounting screws from the bottom of the cabi. net. The chassis can now be slipped out.
After the chassis is replaced the automatic pushbuttons will probably have to be reset.

SETTING THE PUSHBUTTONS - The pushbuttons may be used, after proper adjustment, for the automatic tuning of any six stations on the standard broadcast band. They can be set up in any order.
1. Turn on the radio.
2. Push out the call letters of the six stations from the call-letter sheets supplied with this manual.
3. Insert one call letter tab ia the rectangular opening in the front of each pushbutton, in any order. Press an acetate tab (supplied in small envelope) into each of the pushbuttons.
4. With the screwdriver supplied, check to see that the locking screw in the center of the tuning knob (see front view) is loose. If it is not, turn it several turns to the left (counterclockwise).
5. Press the first pushbutton down all the way. With one hand hold the button down firmly and with the other carefully tune in the desired station. Release the push button.
6. Follow this procedure for each of the five other buttons, set ting each one for a different station.
7. Rotate the tuning knob on the side of the cabinet as far to the right as it will go. Tighten the locking screw in the center of the knob. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THIS SCREW BE TIGHTENED VERY FIRMLY.
8. The pushbuttons are now properly set for automatic tuning. Any of the six stations may be tuned in simply by pressing the proper button down as far as it will go. If you wish to reset any of the buttons for a new station, loosen the locking screw, set the pushbutton as described above, and re-tighten the locking screw.

(Refer to Chassis View for location of trimmers)

Output meter across 3.2 - ohm output load.
Align for maximum output. Reduce input as needed to keep output near 0.4 volts.
Volume control at maximum for all adjustments.
Connect ground post of signal generator to B of radio.

Chassis must be removed from cabinet for proper aligament. Slight adjustments of the oscillator and antenna circuits can be made, without removing the chassis, through two holes provided on the bottom of the cabinet. The screws can be reached with a long screwdriver.

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Replace a defective metal 12SK7 tube with another metal tube. Replace a glass 12SK7 tube with a metal tube or with an exact duplicate of the tube now in the set.