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Tradio L5

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1. I.F. Alignment

A. Set signal generator at 455 K.C.

B. Connect output meter across voice coil.

C. Put a .1 MFD condenser in series with the output side of signal generator.

D. Connect other end of this condenser to grid of 125A7 (Pin # 8).

E. Connect ground of signal generator to A.C. switch on volume control.

F. Turn both volume controls to maximum volume.

G. Adjust screw on bottom and screw on top of I.F. transformers for maximum output on meter.

2. Wave Trap Alignment Connect

A. 200 MMFD condenser in series with the signal generator.

B. Connect other end of condenser to antenna.

C. With signal generator set at 455 k.C., tune wave trap for MINIMUM output.

3. R.F. Alignment

A.Set signal generator at 1600 k, c.

B. Put 200 MMFD condenser in series with output side of signal generator, Connect other side of 200 MMFD condenser to antenna of receiver. Set dial to 1600 k...

C. Tune oscillator trimmer on tuning unit. (This trimmer is on outside edge of tuning unit furthest away from speaker). Adjust this trimmer for maximum output.

D. Adjust trimmer nearest speaker for maximum output.

4. Tracking

A. Set tuning dial of receiver at 600 kc.

B. Set signal generator at 600 k, ci and adjust slug in center of tuning unit for maximum output.