Seiberling Rubber Co. 1A5 Schematic

Seiberling Rubber Co. 1A5

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Manufacturer:Seiberling Rubber Co.

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PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 17
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The chassis must be removed from the cabinet in order to align this receiver. Connect the output meter across the voice coil. Connect the signal generator to the standard Hazeltine Loop Model 1150, and couple loosely to the receiver loop. Set the receiver volume control at maximum. The tuning condenser plates should be fully meshed when the dial pointer is at the index mark at the low frequency and of the dial. The signal generator output should at all times be just sufficient to obtain a minimum deflection on the output meter. Set the signal generator to 456 kc and adjust the i-f trimmers for maxi mum meter deflection in the following sequence: L4, L3, L2, L1. Set the generator and receiver to 1600 kc and adjust the oscillator trimmer c4 for maximum output. Set the generator and receiver to 1400 kc and ad just the loop trimmer C3 for maximum output.


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