Ryan Sales Co. C5TS3 Schematic

Ryan Sales Co. C5TS3

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Manufacturer:Ryan Sales Co.

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Page 1:

Power Supply... 105-125 volts, 50-60 cycles, AC
Power Consumption... 30 watts
Frequency Range... 500-1700 Kcs.
Intermediate Frequency. 456 Kcs,
Audio Output... 1.5 watts

Permanent Magnet... 5 " Diameter

Power... 5' cord and plug,
Antenna. 10' indoor type
Ground.. None required

Converter and Oscillator.. 12SA7
I.F. Amplifier... 12SK7
Detector - AVC - Audio. 12SQ7
Power Output.. 50L6GT
Rectifier... Selenium
Dial Lamp... Mazda # 6S6

Page 2:

FIG. 1. Tube and Trimmer Locations ( Top View)


Alignment Frequencies:
I.F.. 456 Kcs.
R.F. 1500 Kcs.

I. F. Alignment:
Connect output meter across the voice coii. Turn the receiver volume control to maxim. Connect high side of the alignment oscillator, through a. 05 mfd, capacitor, to the converter grid.
Set alignment oscillator at 456 Kcs. and adjust output to give the lowest conveniently readable indication on the output meter, Adjust trimmers C - 7 and C - 8 in 2nd I.F. transformer to give maximum indication on output meter. Repeat this procedure for trimmers C - 5 and C - 6 in the 1st I.F. transformer. Repeat procedure to check accuracy.

R. F. Alignment:
Retain output meter connected as above and receiver volume control set at maximum. Connect alignment oscillator to antenna. Set alignment oscillator at 1500 Kcs, and place in operation. Rotate receiver tuning capacitor ( C - 1 and C - 3) to give maximum signal indication on output meter. Adjust output of alignment oscillator to give the lowest conveniently readable indication on the output meter, Adjust oscillator trimmer C - 4 to peak the signal indication on output meter. Then adjust antenna trimmer C - 2 to further peak the signal. Re peat procedure to check accuracy. Trimmer locations are shown in Figure 1.

FIG. 2 - Socket Terminal Voltages (Bottom View)

An electronic voltmeter may be connected to the AYC bus and used for alignment indication in lieu of the output meter across the voice coil.
An electronic voltmeter or a voltmeter with a minimum resistance of 20,000 ohms per volt should be used for voltage measurements.
The polarity of the power connection must be correct when operating the receiver on direct current. If the receiver does not operate when the power plug is first inserted, remove and re - insert in opposite position. Reversal of plug position on alternating current supply may reduce hum in some cases.
If the ELECTONE is to be used in a location remote from broadcasting stations or the reception of distant stations is desired, an outdoor antenna and a ground connection may be utilized. The outdoor antenna should be connected to the indoor antenna and the ground lead to the chassis.

The Model C5TS3 ELECTONE is a four tube and recti. fier super - heterodyne broadcast entertainment receiver designed for operation from, either a direct or alternating current power source. The circuit utilizes multi - unit tubes and incorporates automatic volume control. The chassis is enclosed in an all - metal cabinet of modern styling and having the following dimensions: Width 12 Depth 7 Height 7 ".