Radio Displays Co. BEER BOTTLE TYPE Schematic

Radio Displays Co. BEER BOTTLE TYPE

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Product Information:
Manufacturer:Radio Displays Co.

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Page 1:

Sparkling Champaign Music, Metz Beer, Melody Beer, Red Top Beer, Imperial Beer, Hyde Park Beer, Gold Star Beer, Country Club Beer, Barbarossa Beer, Mitchell's Beer, Webster Coffee, Pepsi - Cola


1 - 12BE6 Oscillator and Mixer tube.
1 - 50B5 Power Output tube.

1-12BA6 IF Amplifier tube.
1-35W4 Rectifier tube.

1-12AT6 Second Detector and First Audio tube.


The following equipment is necessary to properly align this chassis:

1. A signal generator which will provide accurately calibrated signal at the frequencies listed.

2. An output meter.
3. A non-metallic screwdriver.
4. Dummy antenna: - .1 mfd. - 10 mmf.


Page 2:

Electrical and Mechanical Specifications

Frequency Range... 540-1700 kc.
Intermediate Frequency... 455 kc.
Power Supply... 105-125 volts AC - DC
Loudspeaker... 4 inch Dynamic
V.C. Impedance... 3.5 ohms at 400 cycles

Power Output (Undistorted)... 75 watts
Power Output (Maximum)... 1.5 watts
Tuning Drive Ratio... 1 to 1
Rated Power Input... 32 watts