Radio Circular Co. 817 Schematic

Radio Circular Co. 817

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Manufacturer:Radio Circular Co.

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Short-wave Oscillator trimmer attaches between the two ends of the oscillator coil located at the right. Broadcast oscillator trimmer is the lower section of the dual trimmer at the end of the chassis, Short-wave R.F. trimmer is at the lower end of the oscillator coil and the broadcast R.F. trimmer is to the left of this same cou).
PHONOGRAPH - Install a single pole double-throw toggle switch in rear of chassis nearest the 75 tube. Disconnect the .01 mfd. condenser from volume control and attach to one side of toggle switch, connect middle terminal of switch to terminal of volume control just disconnected, connect one side of phonograph pickup to retaining terminal of switch and other side to " B " minus.

An all-wave oscillator having a range from 150 KC to 20 MC will be necessary to rephase the frequency bands. The oscillator output is attached to the serial lead of the'set and oscillator output kept always at a law audible level. The.R. F. coil trimmers are reached through a series of five (5) holes in the side of the R, F. shield cans and correspond to frequency band Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 51 from top down, The oscillator parallel trimmers are seen on the underside of the set when the front of it is raised and are located along side the band switch, No. 1 being the one nearest the back of chassis and No. 5 nearest the front. The dual porcelain trimmers at back of chassis are series padders, the

Left hand for band No. 2 and the right hand one for band No. 1. The series padder for band. No. 8 is the single trimmer at the center of the chassis, Each band is trimmed first at the minimum end of its range, band No. 5 being first, No. 4 second, then No. 3, etc. Bands 3, 2, and 1 are also tracked near their maximum ranges, or with the tuning condenser turned well in, by adjusting that series padder belonging to the particular band being used, location of which is given above.