Packard Motor Car Co. 4 Tube Super Schematic

Packard Motor Car Co. 4 Tube Super

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Product Information:
Model:4 Tube Super
Manufacturer:Packard Motor Car Co. (Philco)

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Model 4 Tube Superhet

Model 5 Data

The tuning range of the receiver is 550 to 1,750 kc., and reception of the 2,480 - kc. police signals as an image frequency. intermediate frequency used is 465 kc.
The most interesting feature of this re. ceiver is the control unit which, instead of merely consisting of the usual remorc tuning dial and volume control, actually contains the type 57 combination first detector and oscillator tube together with the associated units. This unit is then coupled to the intermediate-frequency amplifier by an i-f. transmission line contained in a shield along

With the " A " and " B feed wires, etc. The intermediate frequency and audio units are in a case with an eight-inch Lansing speaker, making the whole a two-unit job with remote control and no flexible shafts.
The i-f. feed line has at each end a coil composed of three turns of wire around a standard inf. bobbin, and the line may be 15 feet long without causing appreciable loss
.. the loss with a 15 - foot run being about 5 db.
The two type 58 tubes in the intermediate frequency stages are used as standard rf.

Pentodes. AVC is provided by the type 35 second detector tube which feeds the type 47 output pentode. Total plate current is 18 ma. at 180 volts.
Care should be taken with the B + terminal as it is inclined to short to the chassis, in which case the 900 - ohm bias resistor for the 47 tube will blow, as well as the electrolytic condenser shunting it.
The plate winding on the oscillator coil in the control unit suffers seriously from electrolysis.