Electronic Corp. of America 101 Schematic

Electronic Corp. of America 101

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Manufacturer:Electronic Corp. of America (ECA)

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In order to make a proper alignment, the following equipment is required

1. A signal generator capable of providing a modulated radio frequency output over the frequencies required.
2. A suitable output meter or sensitive AC voltmeter with a .1 mfd series blocking condenser.
3. A coupling loop, made of three turns of still hookup wire, 4 inches in diameter, mounted on a suitable block of wood or stand.
4. A non-metallic screwdriver.

With the receiver on and the volume control at maximum, connect the signal generator to the coupling loop and bring the loop close to the receiver chass18. Adjust the signal generator output to minimum necessary to give a suitable indioation on the output meter, which should be connected from B minus to the plate of one output tube. CAUTION: Make sure the output meter is 880lated from DC by a series blocking condenser.

MODELS 104, 105, 106, 102, 101, 133