David Bogen Co., Inc. SX-50 Amplifier Schematic

David Bogen Co., Inc. SX-50 Amplifier

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Product Information:
Model:SX-50 Amplifier
Manufacturer:David Bogen Co., Inc.

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On the left side of the amplifier, there are two sockets marked " MIKE # 1 " and " MIKE # 2 ". One or two microphones can be connected to the amplifier by plugging into these sockets. For microphone connections see Fig... Shielded cable and plug must be used between the amplifier and the microphone. The metal cover of the plug must be grounded to the shield as shown in Fig.l.

On this same side there is a tip jack marked " PHONO ". This jack is used to connect phonographs having tip connectors. Above this jack is a two terminal strip marked " INPUT ". These terminals can be used for various input connections such as any low gain input, phonograph, or microphone (dynamic), or radio. The jack and input strip are controlled by the # 3 control.

On the right side of the amplifier there are two six prong sockets marked " SPEAKER ". These sockets are used to connect the two speakers required by the amplifier. For the speaker plug connections see Fig.2. The built-in field supply will furnish 100 mils, at 125 volts to each speaker. This field supply is not taken from the plate voltage supply, but has its own power supply. A three terminal output strip markea C-4-9, is located at the right of the speaker sockets. These terminals can be used to match the voice coils of any additional speakers, Additional speakers must have their on source of field supply, either built in or external.

12-10-35 Drawn by E.S.
OK. Ben Waxler