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David Bogen Co., Inc. 5SC Commino-Phone

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Product Information:
Model:5SC Commino-Phone
Manufacturer:David Bogen Co., Inc.

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The two station Supreme Communicator consists of two units. The master station is unit # 1 and the extension station is unit # 2. The master uses two tubes: 1-12A7 and 1-6J7. A three wire cable is used to inter-connect the units. The master unit is connected to the power line. The communicator works equally as well on A.C. or D.C., 110 volte

The three terminal strip located on the rear of each unit is used to inter-connect the units. The three wires are connected in numerical sequence, i.e.... - 1 to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3. The line cord incorporates a self contained resistor, hence, must not be tampered with. The line plug is inserted in any source of 110 volts A.C. or D.C.. In D.C. Operation, if the system fails to operate, reverse the polarity by removing the plug from the receptacle, giving it a half turn, and reinserting. On A.C., if a hum is noticed, reverse plug as explained above.

Master Unit - The switch located on the front panel at the left, control the power for both unita, and is put on or off as denoted by the on-off plate. In the center of each unit there is a plate markod RELEASE TO LISTEN " and " PRESS TO TALK ". Conversation is started by pressing the switch down and is held down while talking. When through talking, release and the switch will automatically come back to " RELEASE TO LISTEN " position. Then, the second party will push the switch and talk. This operation is repeated.

This amplifier is licensed by agreement with Electrical Research Products, Inc., under patents owned or controlled by Western Electric Co., and American Telephone and Telegraph Co.

Do not use any ground or let any of the connecting wires touch any ground, such as water or gas pipes or metal ceilings, etc.

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The Supreme Conmuno - Phone is a self powered combination microphone Loudspeaker system. It operates on either A.C. or D.C, current, 105-125 volts. Each unit draws 35 watts and is designed for continuous service. The tubes used are: - 1-2526, 1-617, 2-605, 1-2546, and 1-25 watt, 120 volt bulb. The simplest inter-communication system consists of two of these units connecting one office to a second and permitting instantaneous communication. These units nay be cor bined into a more elaborate inter-communication system by using any number of units up to five. The standard Supreme Communicator is equipped with all the switches and socket so that a five way system may be connected with a minimum of time and difficulty and without the necessity of additional equipment other than the cable and connector box. System units with a selection of more than five stations can be supplied in accordance with specified requirements.

These units are connected together by means of the Supreme Communicator connector box. Cables are supplied in any length to meet requirements and core equipped with a six prong, sale plug on each end. The connector box is supplied with a five foot length of cable and a six prong male plug. The cable from the connector box is plugged into the socket marked " Bwr ". (" A " Fif.) located on the rear of the first station. To connect the other stations insert one plus of the cable into the socket on the rear of the station, and insert the other plug into a socket on the connector box (see - Fig.2). When less than five stations are aged the cables should be plugged into consecutive sockets on the connector box. Insert the pings of the line cords into any source of 110 Volt A.c. or D.C. Snap the line switches on and observe the 25 watt lamp. If the lamp is brilliant, reverse the line plug which will give the correct operating polarity. With each unit at correct polarity, the system should be operating. a check, the line cord should grow slightly warm in operation. Do not attempt to shorten this line cord since the operation of the set is dependent upon & self-contained resistor in it. If you desire to connect your own connector bor and cables-refer to figure #3.

When all units are plugged in as outlined above, intercommunication may be started along the various stations, making sure that the volume control is turned up.. sound is heard, the polarity of the units is incorrect and all the plugs aust be versed at the same time. This applied to D.C. only.
NOTE. - Do not under any circumstances connect a ground to the chassis.

On the panel there are four momentary contact switches, two on each side of the power gwitch. Each switch is a selector calling another unit or station. A11 call switches are normally set in the up or listening position. To call another station,.press the appropriate switch down and talk. To listen, release the switch. In setting up this system, it may be found that the volume of voice at the listening end is insufficient for efficient operation. To adjust the volume of the loudness use the screwdriver control adjustment on the rear " B " Fig. 11). A headset may be used if it is undesirable to have others who may be standing near the station, hear the conversation. A magnetic headset should be used with an ordinary phone plug which can be inserted in the jack on the rear panel (" C " Fic 11). The names of the stations can be assigned to the respective switches by writing in the name. For new names remove the nameplate, by taking off five nuts, and insert new paper. The Supreme Communicator should be used at a distance of ara's length from the unit so as to prevent uncomfortable loud speech at the receiving end. The person speaking should not raise his voice over that used in ordinary conversation Since the Supreme communicator is designed to have enough sensitivity to pick apace up low voices of moderate distances. One of the useful features obtainable with the Supreme Communicator System is the possibility of instantaneous call to all stations by pressing all the switches down, where upon, all other stations listen to the master station. Any unit become a master to call any number of stations at once. It is possible for any station to speak to the listening station, although the latter is listening to another station. The station breaking in cannot, however, eave.drop on any conversation not being directed to him. Another feature obtainable with the 5 - Way Supreme Communicator System is that any two stations can talk to each other, while two other stations are talking without interfering with each other. In other words, each two units comprise a voice channel very much like a telephone switchboard.

This amplifier is licensed by agreement with Electrical Research Products, Inc. under patents owned or controlled by Westeri Electric Co., and American Telephone and Telegraph Co.