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Barker Bros. Tempo Tone

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Product Information:
Model:Tempo Tone
Manufacturer:Barker Bros.

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MODEL Tempo Tono Schematic, Tuner


(1) Leave set turned on at least twenty minutes allowing receiver circuits to reach their normal operating condition before starting push button adjustment.

(2) Remove screws holding escutcheon plate buttons for push buttons

(3) Note the ranges shown on label above adjusting screws. For example: 700 to 540 KC means you should adjust this set of screws for any station having a frequency between 700 and 540 KC. This rule applies for the other five ranges. There is, of course, some overlapping of range coverage.

(4) Select a station by manual tuning in the regular way. Assuming it is within the 700 to 540 KC range, turn Band Switch to " Push Button " position and push in on button covering the range. As will be noted, the adjustments consist of two screws one with a large head (A) and one with a small head (B).

(A) With a small screwdriver, turn screw "A" back and forth until you locate the station. It is suggested that you switch back to manual tuning if necessary to recognize the particular type program to help you find it when you again turn the adjusting

(B) After the After the "A" Screw has been set to exact resonance by watching the tuning eye deflection, turn the small screw "B" for the maximum deflection of the tuning eye. Now recheck screw "B". When all six buttons have been set, repeat the "trimming" process for accuracy.

IT WILL BE OF IMPORTANCE TO NOTE THAT IF THE STATION CAN NOT AT FIRST BE LOCATED BY MOVING SCREW "A" IN AND OUT, PERHAPS YOU WILL FIND ADJUSTMENT "B" TOO FAR IN OR TOO FAR OUT. In such a case, check its position by turning it in all the way (to the right) then reverse it about a turn or two and try screw "B" again.