Appel & Henderson Silver King D.C. Schematic

Appel & Henderson Silver King D.C.

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Product Information:
Model:Silver King D.C.
Manufacturer:Appel & Henderson

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Appel & Henderson

SILVER KING D.C. Combination

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When operating as broadcast receiver, controls 1, 2 and 3 are used. 6 must be turned to the extreme left position.
The red wire goes to the antenna.
The shield wire goes to ground.
The power cable for A.C. is plugged into a 110 v., 60 cycle alternating current outlet and the power cable for d.C. is plugged into 110 v., D.C. line and polarity must be correct.
When it is desirous to receive short wave on television stations
Rotate 3 to setting of drum dial indicated below
Rotate 4 to left
Rotate 6 to band selected
Extreme right position 80 to 200 meters
2nd from extreme right 40 to 80 meter position
3rd from extreme right 19 to 40 meter position
Tune 3 to zero and adjust compensator 5 for loudest background or rushing noise.
Tune 3 very slowly and slightly readjust 5 until desired station is found.
Volume is controlled by 2 and desired tone is effected by 1.
To return to broadcast band
Turn 4 to right
Turn 3 until click is heard
Turn 6 to extreme left
Your receiver is now adjusted for broadcast reception