Washer - Fender®, Cabinet Backboard Mounting Washers, Set of 12

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S-HTNX Nut - T-Nut, Zinc
(Package of 5)
Zinc t-nut. Used for fastening metal to products made of wood, particle board or plastic. Low carbon steel. Package of 5. Multiple sizes available.
Starting at $1.00
S-HRVNT Nut - Fender, Hex Type, for Potentiometers
Hex nut for Fender® pots.
Package of 12.
S-H105 Screw - 1", Phillips, Pan Head, Matching T-Nut
(Package of 4)
1" panhead, Phillips screw with matching t-nut. (package of 4)
S-HS1032-X Screw - ~\frac{10}{32}~, Phillips, Pan Head, Machine, Zinc, Package of 5
(Package of 5)
10-32, zinc, package of 5.
S-HS832-X Screw - ~\frac{8}{32}~, Phillips, Pan Head, Machine, Zinc
(Package of 5)
Phillips pan head machine screw, 8/32, zinc
Starting at $0.50
S-HSM6-1X30 Screw - 1x30, Phillips, Pan Head, Zinc
(Package of 5)
Phillips pan head machine screw, 1 x 30.
S-HST8-X Screw - #8, Phillips, Pan Head, Self-Tapping, Zinc
(Package of 5)
Self tapping Phillips panhead machine screw #8, zinc. Package of 5.
S-HS632-X Screw - ~\frac{6}{32}~, Phillips, Pan Head, Machine, Zinc
(Package of 5)
Phillips panhead machine screw, 6/32 zinc. Package of 5.
S-HS440-X Screw - ~\frac{4}{40}~, Phillips, Pan Head, Machine
(Package of 5)
Phillips panhead machine screw, 4/40 zinc
S-HSM4D7-20 Screw - M4 x 0.70, Phillips, Pan Head, Stainless Steel, Machine
(Package of 4)
(Metric Threading: M4 x 0.70) - 20 mm long
P-L14-6 Indicator Light - Marshall, Square, 6V
Indicator light, square. 6 Volts. Measures: 0.44" Length x 0.44" Width x 0.27" Depth
P-L1XX Jewel - Fender Style
Colors Available:
Fender® style lamp jewels are used on countless amps from all kinds of manufacturers. In multiple colors, you can customize as you see fit. Threading: 9/16 - 24 Note: When back-lit, the color of the amp jewels will be affected by the color of the bulb behind it.
Starting at $2.50
P-L124-P Lamp - Fender Style, Premium Pilot Assembly
Lamp holder. Relampable front panel indicators accept a variety of T-2 and T-3 ¼ miniature bayonet lamps.
  • 11/16" chassis hole
  • Total Length = 1.755" (solder lugs included in measurement) (extends about 1.68" from front of panel to end of solder lugs)
  • Rating: 125V, 75W
  • Threading: 9/16 - 24

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P-H261X Handle - Fender Style, Black, Caps
Cap Colors Available:
Replacement handle for Fender® and other amps (8.25" from mounting center to mounter center). Multiple cap color options available.
Starting at $2.50
P-H340 Chassis Strap - Small, 3.625" Long, Nickel
Small (3 5/8" length) nickel chassis strap. Used to mount the amp chassis in its wooden cabinet. For Champ and others. Mounting hardware sold separately.
P-H9107 Foot - Rubber, 0.75" Tall, Tapered, 1.625" Top, 1.25" Bottom
(Package of 4)
Rubber tapered feet with a non-threaded screw hole and a steel washer insert. Sold in a package of 4. Perfect feet for amplifier cabinets or amp heads.
P-H1097 Corner - Black steel, 2-Hole, 18 Gauge, Notched
2-leg notched, black, wraparound. 18 gauge steel, ½" radius. Sold individually.
P-HW01S Caster - Swivel, 2", Fender Replacement
Heavy duty swivel caster for use on Fender and other amps. Each 2" diameter wheel supports 45.359Kg / 100Lb.
F-ZS Fuse - Slow-Blow, 250V, 3AG, 0.25" x 1.25"
(Package of 5)
Protect your expensive investment or hobby with inexpensive fuses. Fits fuse block S-H259 and fuse holder S-H201.
  • Rated at 250V
  • Measures 1.25"(31.4mm) in length, 0.25"(6.3mm) in diameter
  • Slow-Blow
  • Package of 5
Starting at $2.75
P-SP2-106 Receptacle - for power cord
For connecting a detachable power cord to your amp.
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