Washer - 0.25" Inside Diameter, Felt

Pictured: 0.75"
Pictured: 0.75"
Pictured: 0.875"
Pictured: 0.875"
Pictured: 1.0"
Pictured: 1.0"
Pictured: 1.25"
Pictured: 1.25"
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Pictured: 0.75"Pictured: 0.875"Pictured: 1.0"Pictured: 1.25"
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Washer - 0.25" Inside Diameter, Felt

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Premium quality wool felt washers. Medium brown in color, these washers will resist wear and hold their shape over time. Center holes already punched. ¼" inside diameter. Listed diameter is outside diameter. Washer is ~\frac{1}{16}~" thick.

Item ID:
Part Numbers
DiameterOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
Inner Diameter0.75" versionP-H2000.25 in.
Inside Diameter0.875" versionP-H2010.25 in.
1.0" versionP-H2020.25 in.
1.25" versionP-H2030.25 in.
Outer Diameter0.75" versionP-H2000.75 in.
Thickness0.0625 in.
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions0.75" versionP-H2003.321 in. × 2.985 in. × 0.025 in.
0.875" versionP-H2012 in. × 2 in. × 0.1 in.
1.0" versionP-H2024 in. × 3.071 in. × 0.04 in.
1.25" versionP-H2030.853 in. × 1.24 in. × 0.193 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.75" versionP-H2000.0022 lbs.
0.875" versionP-H2010.0044 lbs.
1.0" versionP-H2020.0044 lbs.
1.25" versionP-H2030.0044 lbs.
P-H200 - 0.75" versionInner Diameter0.25 in.
Outer Diameter0.75 in.
Thickness0.0625 in.
P-H201 - 0.875" versionInside Diameter0.25 in.
Thickness0.0625 in.
P-H202 - 1.0" versionInside Diameter0.25 in.
Thickness0.0625 in.
P-H203 - 1.25" versionInside Diameter0.25 in.
Thickness0.0625 in.

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