Vacuum Tubes

The first electronic amplification of sound was done with Vacuum Tubes. We have pre-amp, power and rectifier vacuum tubes among other types in New Old Stock from the golden era of American & European manufacturing as well as current production tubes from today.
T-12AX7-RB-TAD Vacuum Tube - 12AX7 / ECC83, Redbase, Tube Amp Doctor, Premium Selected
The all-new designed TAD 12AX7 / ECC83 Redbase is a miniature, high-mu twin triode with very good gain. These tubes are selected and recommended for guitar amps to improve overall responsiveness and dynamics. Because of its cathode-to-heater voltage-withstand capability, this tube works perfectly as a cathode follower. Best for thick, clean tones as well as for those modern preamps where a deep low end is required as well as for sounds requiring fat midrange, detailed airy top end and lots of power from the preamp. Recommended for all positions in medium gain amps or for V2+ positions in high-gain amps. For V1 in general but especially for high-gain amps or phono/audio-amps, we recommend the new 7025 / E83CC Redbase Highgrade T-7025-RB-TAD.
T-7025-RB-TAD Vacuum Tube - 7025, Redbase, Tube Amp Doctor, High Grade
The all-new TAD 7025 / E83CC Redbase Highgrade is carefully selected for all the demanding gain stages in any guitar or headphone amp, tube microphones or the extremely sensitive phono preamp-positions in audio amplifiers. Tonally, this tube produces fine, airy, silky and pleasant highs, a complex and dense midrange with clarity and definition in the low end - providing maximum smoothness and zero microphonics. Great warm cleans and creamy overdrive. Fine, unobtrusive highs, complex, dense mids and clear real bass. Selected for demanding applications for maximum smoothness and zero microphonics - even with very sensitive input stages of high-gain amplifiers.
P-K381-X Knob - Plastic, Set Screw, Skirted Pointer, 1.125" Diameter
Colors Available:
Large black plastic control knob with set screw and brass insert. This distinctive pointer knob is similar to the selector knobs used on original MiniMoog and Moog modular synths. It features a triangular pointer, a radial brushed metal top, and a line indicator. The large skirt has a diameter of 1.125 inches. Fits ¼” (6.35mm) pot shafts.
T-6V6GT-RB-TAD Vacuum Tube - 6V6GT-STR, Redbase, Tube Amp Doctor
The TAD 6V6GT-STR Redbase combines the tonal characteristics of an NOS 6V6GT such as from RCA or GE with the current requirements. It is a heavy duty 6V6GT tube, which can handle a higher plate voltage than regular 6V6GT tubes. The TAD 6V6GT-STR Redbase shines with the typical NOS "sweet top end" and at the same time a strikingly dense and complex midrange. Especially with this midrange characteristic they achieve a liveliness in tone that only NOS 6V6GT achieve and otherwise remains unmatched. Even when pushed into saturation there are no harsh upper mids, which is frequently the case with other 6V6s. Sweet full-bodied tone with silky highs. Tube Amp Doctor recommends the TAD 6V6GT-STR Redbase for all 6V6 power amps when a full yet freely defined tone is desired. The ideal tube for Fender Deluxe Tweed 5E3 or Blackface Princeton Reverb amps, single ended Class A amps like the Fender Tweed Champ, Vibro Champ, Fender Champion 600 or the Univalve.
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T-2A3 Vacuum Tube - 2A3, Triode
Filament type triode power amplifier. It is designed for service in the output stage of audio amplifiers where high output and low harmonic distortion is desired.
T-7308_E188CC Vacuum Tube - 7308 / E188CC, Dual Triode
Special quality double triode designed for use as cascode amplifier, cathode follower, etc. in RF and AF circuits.
T-1H4G Vacuum Tube - 1H4G, Triode, Medium MU
General purpose filament type triode designed for service in battery operated receivers. With the exception of capacitances its ratings and characteristics are identical with those of the 30.
T-6973-EH-X Vacuum Tube - 6973, Electro-Harmonix
Electro-Harmonix 6973 Power Tube Beam power amplifier used in vintage Gretsch and Magnatone amplifiers. This is a real 6973, not a rebrand of a "close" tube.
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T-2A3-GOLD-EH Vacuum Tube - 2A3, Electro-Harmonix, Gold Pin
Electro-Harmonix 2A3 power triode tube with gold pins. Made in Russia. Gold plated grid.
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T-50BM8_UCL82 Vacuum Tube - 50BM8 / UCL82, Triode, Pentode, Power
Miniature type triode-pentode designed for use as an AF amplifier by triode section and AF power amplifier by pentode section in radio receivers.
T-6EV7 Vacuum Tube - 6EV7, Dual Triode, High MU
Miniature high-mu twin triode having separate cathodes. It is designed for service as a relay-control tube in remote tuning units of television receivers.
T-5881-PSV Vacuum Tube - 5881, Classic Series, Psvane
The Psvane 5881 is a high quality beam power pentode with an octal base. The Psvane 5881 is noted for its outstanding sound and is an excellent choice for both guitar and stereo amplifiers. The 5881 is similar to 6L6 tubes but with a maximum plate dissipation of 23W. The Psvane Classic Series is focused on the reproduction of popular vacuum tubes found in classic audio equipment. When designing the Classic Series, Psvane collected the most sought-after NOS tubes and analyzed each element of their construction, incorporating the most effective manufacturing techniques to produce stable tubes with excellent sound. Whether used in guitar amplifiers or hifi stereo systems, the Psvane Classic Series vacuum tubes excel in all applications. Psvane has been producing high quality vacuum tubes since 2011. The Psvane team originally formed in Shuguang’s high-end tube division but eventually split off to form their own brand.
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T-6BG6G-GA Vacuum Tube - 6BG6G-GA, Beam Power Amplifier
Beam-power pentode designed primarily for use as the horizontal deflection amplifier in television receivers. Electrically and physically, the 6BG6GA is a replacement for the 6BG6G
T-7027A-JJ Vacuum Tube - 7027A, JJ Electronics
The JJ Electronic 7027A offers the same reliability and tone as the JJ 6L6GC but with the correct pinout for vintage amplifiers that use 7027 tubes like older Ampegs. At 30W, this tube delivers plenty of headroom. The highs are clear and responsive with warm mids and tight solid lows. Known for their reliability and articulation, the JJ 7027A is a great option guitar amplifiers and Hi-Fi stereo equipment.
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T-12AX7WB-SOVT Vacuum Tube - 12AX7WB, Sovtek
Sovtek 12AX7WB dual triode.
T-6K8G Vacuum Tube - 6K8G, Triode / Hexode Converter
Consists of a triode oscillator and a hexode mixer in a common envelope. The physical design of this tube reduces interaction between the oscillator and mixer sections and makes for stable operation in superheterodyne receivers
T-12AT6_HBC90 Vacuum Tube - 12AT6 / HBC90, Dual Diode, Triode
Combined high-mu voltage amplifier and double-diode detector using the 7-pin miniature construction. It is intended to provide output voltage adequate for full-power output of most beam-power tubes.
T-5U4GB-JJ Vacuum Tube - 5U4GB, JJ Electronics
The JJ Electronic 5U4GB is an excellent choice for an economically priced tube rectifier. Used in many Hi-Fi and guitar amplifiers, JJ delivers a robust and solidly built tube. This full wave rectifier will work in any 5U4 application.
T-EL84-TUNG Vacuum Tube - EL84 / 6BQ5, Tung-Sol Reissue
Due to many requests by fans, the Tung-Sol EL84/6BQ5 has been reissued. The Tung-Sol EL84 / 6BQ5 was a popular OEM tube for American-made EL84 / 6BQ5 guitar amplifiers, such as those built by Gibson and Harmony. Due to its rugged construction and conservative ratings, it is the most reliable current production EL84 type available for use in Vox AC-30 type amplifiers. In addition, its linearity and tone characteristic make it the ideal replacement for EL84 hi-fi amplifiers, such as those built by Fisher, Scott, and Harmon-Kardon. Tube measurements are as follows:
  • Height: 2.75” (without pins)*
  • Diameter: 0.87”*

*Note: Due to the method of production in regards to the glass, measurements may vary slightly.
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T-2D21_PL21 Vacuum Tube - 2D21 / PL21, Thyratron
Miniature, four-electrode, inert-gas-filled thyratron with negative control characteristics of the tube include a high control ratio essentially independent of temperature over a wide range low grid-anode capacitance and very low grid current.
T-6C10 Vacuum Tube - 6C10, Triple Triode
Contains three high-mu triodes with separate pin connections for all three cathodes, grids, and plates in a compact T-9 glass envelope with the novel 12 pin base.
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T-6SL7-JJ Vacuum Tube - 6SL7, JJ Electronics
The JJ Electronic 6SL7 is a great reproduction of the classic octal based dual triode. This tube has the quality construction and reliability that one would expect from a JJ tube. The JJ 6SL7 is a great replacement tube for any 6SL7 position such as early Fender, Gibson, and Ampeg amps as well as Hi-Fi equipment.
T-6146-A Vacuum Tube - 6146A, Beam Power Amplifier
Small, sturdy, beam power tube having a high efficiency and high power sensitivity. It is designed for use as an rf power amplifier and oscillator as well as an af power amplifier and modulator in both mobile and fixed equipment.
T-6N7GT Vacuum Tube - 6N7GT, Dual Triode, Power Amplifier
Heater-cathode type twin triode designed for use as a class B power amplifier in the output stage of a-c or battery operated equipment. It may be used in other applications such as a biased detector, oscillator phase inverter or class A amplifier
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