Vacuum Tubes

The first electronic amplification of sound was done with Vacuum Tubes. We have pre-amp, power and rectifier vacuum tubes among other types in New Old Stock from the golden era of American & European manufacturing as well as current production tubes from today.

New Old Stock (NOS)

Our new-old-stock tubes were made in the U.S. by the major manufacturers, with several types made in Western Europe or Japan. All NOS tubes are tested and guaranteed.
T-6DQ6A-B_6GW6 Vacuum Tube - 6DQ6A-B / 6GW6, Beam Power Amplifier
High-perveance beam power pentode designed for use as a horizontal deflection amplifier tube in high efficiency deflection circuits of television receivers.
T-6L5G Vacuum Tube - 6L5G, Triode
General purpose triode designed for service as an oscillator, detector, or amplifier. It is recommended for use where economy of heater current is important.
T-6SN7GT-B Vacuum Tube - 6SN7GT(A / B), Triode, Dual, Medium MU
Medium-mu twin triode suitable for use in a wide variety of general-purpose amplifier and phase-inverter applications. It is also especially useful as a blocking oscillator, multivibrator, or vertical deflection amplifier in television receivers.
T-0Z4-A Vacuum Tube - 0Z4-A, Rectifier, Full Wave, Gas
The 0Z4A is a gas-filled, double diode employing an ionic-heated cathode. Its principal application is as a full-wave power rectifier in equipment with vibrator type power supplies.
T-11BM8 Vacuum Tube - 11BM8, Triode, Pentode
Miniature type used as a vertical deflection oscillator or af amplifier and vertical deflection amplifier or af power amplifier in television receivers. Requires miniature 9-contact socket.
T-12AT7WC Vacuum Tube - 12AT7WC, Triode, Dual, HF
Triode, Dual, HF
T-12AU7A_ECC82 Vacuum Tube - 12AU7A / ECC82, Triode, Dual, Medium MU
Medium-mu twin triode intended for service in radio and television receivers or in audio amplifiers. The tube is suitable for use in a variety of stages, such as general-purpose amplifier, phase inverter, oscillator, or multivibrator.
T-14Q7 Vacuum Tube - 14Q7, Heptode
Pentagrid converter designed for use as a combined oscillator and mixer in superheterodyne receiver. The electrical characteristics of the 14Q7 are similar to those of the 12SA7
T-25Z5 Vacuum Tube - 25Z5, Rectifier, Dual, ST Glass
Heater-cathode type full-wave high-vacuum rectifier doubler tube designed for use in the power supply of a-c or a-c/d-c receivers. Eletrically the 25Z5, 25Z6, and 25Z6GT are identical.
T-5751 Vacuum Tube - 5751, Triode, Dual, HI-MU
Miniature high-mu twin triode each section of which as an individual cathode connection suited for use in resistance-coupled voltage amplifiers, phase inverters, multivibrators, andindustrial-control circuits where high voltage gain is desired.
T-5965-A Vacuum Tube - 5965-A, Dual Triode
Miniature twin-triode primarily designed for service in computer applications. Each triode section features a high zero-bias plate current, a sharp-cutoff characteristic, and a separate cathode connection.
T-6922_E88CC Vacuum Tube - 6922 / E88CC, Triode, Dual
DC-AC heating twin triode
T-6A7 Vacuum Tube - 6A7, Pentagrid Converter
Pentagrid converter designed for service as an oscillator and mixer in AC operated and ac-operated receivers. With the exception of heater ratings, they have identical ratings and electrical characteristics.
T-6B5 Vacuum Tube - 6B5, Dual Triode
Consists of two dynamically coupled triodes and is designed for service in the power output stage of AC and storage battery operated receivers. All necessary biases are supplied internally
T-6DT8 Vacuum Tube - 6DT8, Dual Triode
Miniature, high-mu, twin triode designed for use as a radio frequency amplifier or as a combined oscillator and mixer in FM receivers.
T-6F5_H63 Vacuum Tube - 6F5 / H63, Triode
General purpose high-mu triode. It is designed for service as a high gain resistance coupled amplifier in AC and AC - DC operated receivers.
T-6GM8_ECC86 Vacuum Tube - 6GM8 / ECC86, Dual Triode
Frame-grid twin triode designed for low supply voltage applications. It is especially suitable for instrumentation/industrial use as a direct-coupled wide band amplifier and for automobile radio as an RF amplifier and self-oscillating mixer.
T-6Q7 Vacuum Tube - 6Q7, Dual Diode, Triode
Combines two diodes and a high-mu triode using a common cathode. It is designed for service as a diode detector, AVC rectifier, and as a high gain resistance coupled amplifier in AC, storage battery, and AC - DC operated receivers.
T-7A8 Vacuum Tube - 7A8, Octode Converter
The 7A8 is an octode converter designed to perform the combined functions of the oscillator and mixer in superheterodyne receivers.
T-807 Vacuum Tube - 807, Beam Power Amplifier
Beam pentode for power amplifier, oscillator, and modulator applications.
T-12SG7 Vacuum Tube - 12SG7, Pentode, Semi-Remote Cut-Off
Semi-remote cut off pentode voltage amplifier in the octal metal construction. It features high transconductance with low grid-plate capacitance and a dual cathode connection to minimize effects of common cathode circuit coupling.
T-1625 Vacuum Tube - 1625, Beam Power Amplifier
Transmitting beam power amplifier.
T-1LB4 Vacuum Tube - 1LB4, Pentode, Power
Low-voltage, low-current drain, battery type power pentode. It is designed for service with 90 volts of "B" battery and a single dry cell "A" battery.
T-2050A Vacuum Tube - 2050A, Thyratron, Tubular
Xenon filled four electrode thyratron with negative control characteristic. This tube is designed for relay applications for grid-controlled rectifier service.
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