Vacuum Tubes

The first electronic amplification of sound was done with Vacuum Tubes. We have pre-amp, power and rectifier vacuum tubes among other types in New Old Stock from the golden era of American & European manufacturing as well as current production tubes from today.

New Old Stock (NOS)

Our new-old-stock tubes were made in the U.S. by the major manufacturers, with several types made in Western Europe or Japan. All NOS tubes are tested and guaranteed.
T-1629 Vacuum Tube - 1629, Indicator
Electron ray tube indicator type with triode unit.
T-3A5_DCC90 Vacuum Tube - 3A5 / DCC90, Dual Triode
The 3A5 is intended for use in high frequency applications. The relatively large filament employed in the 3A5 enables it to supply the high peak currents required in RF power applications.
T-6AG7_6AK7 Vacuum Tube - 6AG7 / 6AK7, Pentode, Power
Metal, power-amplifier pentode primarily designed for use in the output stage of video amplifiers. The tube is capable of operating at high plate current levels and exhibits high transconductance and high power sensitivity.
T-6BC8_6BZ8 Vacuum Tube - 6BC8 / 6BZ8, Dual Triode
Miniature, medium-mu, semi-remote cutoff twin triode intended for application as a VHF cascode amplifier in a television receiver.
T-6BH6_E90F Vacuum Tube - 6BH6 / E90F, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off
Miniature sharp-cutoff pentode primarily designed for use as a high-gain radio-frequency or intermediate-frequency amplifier. Features include low grid-plate capacitance, relatively high transconductance, and low heater current.
T-6CA4_EZ81 Vacuum Tube - 6CA4 / EZ81, Rectifier, Full Wave
Miniature, heater-cathode, twin diode for full-wave rectifier operation. High output current and small size make it especially suitable for compact amplifier designs.
T-6HF5 Vacuum Tube - 6HF5, Beam Power Amplifier
Beam-power pentode in the 12 pin compactron construction. It is designed primarily for use as the horizontal-deflection amplifier in color television receivers.
T-6SH7 Vacuum Tube - 6SH7, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off, RF
Sharp cut-off amplifier pentode designed for use as a high-gain radio-frequency or intermediate-frequency amplifier. The 6SH7 is not recommended for use as a high-gain audio amplifier because undesirable hum may be encountered.
T-7C5 Vacuum Tube - 7C5, Tetrode, Beam Power
Beam power amplifier tetrode designed for service in the output stage of a-c or battery-operated equipment. It is capable of supplying high-power output, power sensitivity, and efficiency with low percentages of third and higher order harmonics.
T-117Z6GT Vacuum Tube - 117Z6GT, Dual Rectifier doubler
Full-wave rectifier designed for use in three-way portable receivers. Except for a common heater, the rectifier sections are separate, permitting the tube to be used as a full-wave or a half-wave rectifier, or as a voltage doubler.
T-1A5GT Vacuum Tube - 1A5GT, Pentode, Power Amplifier
Filament type power-amplifier pentode designed for use in the output stage of low drain battery operated equipment. The 1A5GT may be operated singly or in push-pull combination.
T-42KN6 Vacuum Tube - 42KN6, Beam Power Amplifier
Horizontal deflectoin amplifier
T-6111 Vacuum Tube - 6111, Triode, Dual
Subminiature medium-mu twin triode for use in general purpose amplifier applications. Each section has an individual cathode and is electrically independent.
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T-6BY5GA Vacuum Tube - 6BY5GA, Dual Rectifier
Full-wave vacuum rectifier for television damper service
T-6FM7 Vacuum Tube - 6FM7, Dual Triode, Dissimilar
Compactron dissimilar double triode designed for used as a combined vertical-deflection oscillator and amplifier in television receivers.
T-6L7G Vacuum Tube - 6L7G, Pentagrid Mixer
Mixer tube designed for service with a separate oscillator as the first detector in superheterodyne receivers. The control grid is of the remote cut-off type which allows the use of AVC and minimizes cross-modulation.
T-6SN7GT-B Vacuum Tube - 6SN7GT(A / B), Triode, Dual, Medium MU
Medium-mu twin triode suitable for use in a wide variety of general-purpose amplifier and phase-inverter applications. It is also especially useful as a blocking oscillator, multivibrator, or vertical deflection amplifier in television receivers.
T-6SS7 Vacuum Tube - 6SS7, Pentode, Remote Cut-Off
The 6SS7 is an RF pentode which as remote plate current cutoff. It is suitable for operating with AVC in Rf and IF amplifiers. The use of this tube will reduce cross modulation effects.
T-7025 Vacuum Tube - 7025, Triode, Dual, High MU
Miniature, high-mu, twin triode primarily designed for use in low-level stages of high-gain audio-frequency amplifiers. Use of the 7025 in this application is advantageous because of its low hum output.
T-78 Vacuum Tube - 78, Pentode, Remote Cut-Off
Heater-cathode type pentode amplifier tube with remote cut-off characteristics and is designed for use as a radio frequency or intermediate frequency amplifier in a-c or battery operated equipment
T-25Z6GT Vacuum Tube - 25Z6GT, Dual Rectifier
Heater-cathode type full-wave high-vacuum rectifier doubler tube designed for use in the power supply of a-c or a-c/d-c receivers. Eletrically the 25Z5, 25Z6, and 25Z6GT are identical.
T-27-ST Vacuum Tube - 27, Triode, ST Glass
Three-electrode general purpose tube of the heater-cathode type for use as an amplifier and detector in a-c receivers.
T-41-ST Vacuum Tube - 41, Pentode, ST Glass
The 41 is an indirectly heated cathode type power amplifier pentode designed for service in the output stages of AC, AC/DC and storage battery operated receivers.
T-5V4GA Vacuum Tube - 5V4GA, Rectifier, Full Wave
High vacuum rectifier intended for use in full-wave applications. The tube incorporates an indirectly heated cathode which is internally connected to the heater
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