Vacuum Tubes

The first electronic amplification of sound was done with Vacuum Tubes. We have pre-amp, power and rectifier vacuum tubes among other types in New Old Stock from the golden era of American & European manufacturing as well as current production tubes from today.
T-417A-WE Vacuum Tube - 417A, Western Electric, Triode
9-pin miniature triode with an indirectly heated cathode. It is intended primarily for grounded-grid operation in the input stage of broad band amplifiers.
T-42-ST Vacuum Tube - 42, Pentode, Power Amplifier, ST Glass
42 is a pentode amplifier designed for application in power output stages of receivers
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T-420-A-WE Vacuum Tube - 420-A / 5755, Western Electric, Dual Triode
Triode, Double, Western Electric brand
T-42KN6 Vacuum Tube - 42KN6, Beam Power Amplifier
Horizontal deflectoin amplifier
T-43 Vacuum Tube - 43, Pentode
Glass type power amplifier pentode designed especially for use in the output stage of a-c/d-c receivers. The 43 is identical in electrical characteristics to the type 25A6 tube.
T-45 Vacuum Tube - 45, Triode
Filament type triode power amplifier designed for service in the output stage of audio amplifiers where high output and low harmonic distortion are desired.
T-46 Vacuum Tube - 46, Dual Grid, Power Amplifier, ST Glass
Filament type double grid power amplifier tube. It is especially designed for class B operation to give a large amount of undistorted power output.
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T-49 Vacuum Tube - 49, Dual Grid, Power Amplifier
Dual grid power tube designed for use in a class A or class B output stage.
T-4D32 Vacuum Tube - 4D32, Tetrode, Beam Power
Beam type aligned grid power amplifier. It has a unipotential oxide-coated cathode, a hard glass nonex bulb, and a glass base with short tungsten leads. The tube has a heater designed to operate from a 6.3 volt supply.
T-50A1_D5TF30 Vacuum Tube - 50A1 / D5TF30, Ballast Tube
Gas-filled ballast tube designed to maintain a relatively constant current over a specified operating range.
T-50A5 Vacuum Tube - 50A5, Tetrode, Beam Power
Beam power amplifier designed primarily for use in the output stage of a-c/d-c receivers. The 50A5 features high power sensitivity and high efficiency when operated at relatively low plate and screen voltages.
T-50B5 Vacuum Tube - 50B5, Beam Power Amplifier
Miniature beam-power amplifier designed primarily for use in the output stage of compact a-c/d-c receivers. The 50B5 features high power sensitivity and is capable of providing a relatively high power output
T-50BM8_UCL82 Vacuum Tube - 50BM8 / UCL82, Triode, Pentode, Power
Miniature type triode-pentode designed for use as an AF amplifier by triode section and AF power amplifier by pentode section in radio receivers.
T-50EH5 Vacuum Tube - 50EH5, Pentode, Power Amplifier
Miniature power pentode primarily designed for use in the audio-frequency power output stage of radio receivers and phonographs. The tube features high power sensitivity at low plate and screen voltages.
T-50X6 Vacuum Tube - 50X6, Rectifier, Full Wave
Combines two independent diodes in the lock-in construction permitting the tube to be used as a power rectifier in either half-wave, full-wave, or voltage doubler applications.
T-55 Vacuum Tube - 55, Dual Diode, Triode
Heather cathode type tube consisting of two diodes and a triode in a single bulb. It is designed for use as a combined detector, amplifier, and automatic volume control.
T-56 Vacuum Tube - 56, Triode
Heater-cathode type triode designed for use as a detector, amplifier, or oscillator tube in a-c or battery operated equipment.
T-5654_6AK5W Vacuum Tube - 5654 / 6AK5W, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off, RF
Miniature sharp-cutoff pentode for use as a wide-band, high-frequency amplifier. It is also useful in video and audio amplifiers, oscillators, mixers, frequency multipliers, and cathode followers.
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T-5672_DL69 Vacuum Tube - 5672 / DL69, Pentode
Subminiature pentode for use as an A.F. power amplifier in portable equipment.
T-5678 Vacuum Tube - 5678, Pentode
Subminiature pentode for use as R.F, M.F., or A.F. amplifier, oscillator, self-oscillating mixer, A.M. detector etc.
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T-5687-TS Vacuum Tube - 5687, Tung-Sol, Dual Triode
Triode, Dual, Tung-Sol Brand
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T-5693 Vacuum Tube - 5693, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off
Sharp cutoff pentode intended for critical industrial applications where 10,000 hour life, extreme uniformity, rigid construction, and exceptional stability are paramount.
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T-57 Vacuum Tube - 57, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off
Triple grid general purpose detector amplifier.
T-5750_6BE6W Vacuum Tube - 5750 / 6BE6W, Heptode
Miniature pentagrid converter designed for use as a combined mixer and oscillator in superheterodyne circuits.
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