Vacuum Tubes

The first electronic amplification of sound was done with Vacuum Tubes. We have pre-amp, power and rectifier vacuum tubes among other types in New Old Stock from the golden era of American & European manufacturing as well as current production tubes from today.

New Old Stock (NOS)

Our new-old-stock tubes were made in the U.S. by the major manufacturers, with several types made in Western Europe or Japan. All NOS tubes are tested and guaranteed.
T-50A5 Vacuum Tube - 50A5, Tetrode, Beam Power
Beam power amplifier designed primarily for use in the output stage of a-c/d-c receivers. The 50A5 features high power sensitivity and high efficiency when operated at relatively low plate and screen voltages.
T-5755_420A Vacuum Tube - 5755 / 420A, Dual Triode
The 420A electron tube is a double-triode having separate indirectly heated cathodes. The heater is center-tapped to permit operation from a 6.3 or 12.6 volt filament supply.
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T-58 Vacuum Tube - 58, Pentode, Remote Cut-Off
Triple grid variable mu amplifier.
T-5965-A Vacuum Tube - 5965-A, Dual Triode
Miniature twin-triode primarily designed for service in computer applications. Each triode section features a high zero-bias plate current, a sharp-cutoff characteristic, and a separate cathode connection.
T-6DR7 Vacuum Tube - 6DR7, Triode, Dissimilar Double
Double triode with dissimilar section in the 9 pin miniature construction. Section #1 has a high mu and is intended for use as a vertical deflection oscillator. Section #2 has a low mu and is designed for use as a vertical deflection amplifier
T-6K8 Vacuum Tube - 6K8, Triode, Hexode
Consists of a triode oscillator and a hexode mixer in a common envelope. Reduces interaction between the oscillator and mixer sections and makes for stable operation in superheterodyne receivers on the high frequencies as well as the broadcast band.
T-7695 Vacuum Tube - 7695, Beam Power Amplifier
Beam power pentode featuring a remarkably high power sensitivity as an audio power amplifier. In Class A1 operation, it can deliver 4.5 watts of power with a B+ voltage of only 130 volts.
T-0A3_VR75 Vacuum Tube - 0A3 / VR75, Voltage Regulator, Diode, Glow-Discharge
Voltage Regulator, Diode, Glow-Discharge type.
T-12AU7A_ECC82 Vacuum Tube - 12AU7A / ECC82, Triode, Dual, Medium MU
Medium-mu twin triode intended for service in radio and television receivers or in audio amplifiers. The tube is suitable for use in a variety of stages, such as general-purpose amplifier, phase inverter, oscillator, or multivibrator.
T-14B6 Vacuum Tube - 14B6, Dual Diode, Triode
Combined high-mu triode and double diode using the 8 pin lock-in construction. It is designed for use as a diode detector, AVC rectifier, and an impedance or resistance coupled amplifier.
T-6189_12AU7WA Vacuum Tube - 6189 / 12AU7WA, Triode, Dual, Medium MU
Miniature medium-mu twin triode suitable for a wide variety of general-purpose amplifier, oscillator, and multivibrator applications.
T-6A6 Vacuum Tube - 6A6, Dual Triode
Twin triode designed for service as a class B power amplifier and as a class A driver
T-6BA7 Vacuum Tube - 6BA7, Heptode
Cathode type high gain pentagrid converter in the small 9 pin button construction. It is designed for service as a combined local oscillator and mixer at high frequencies, especially in the FM broadcast band.
T-6C6 Vacuum Tube - 6C6, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off
Triple grid general purpose detector amplifier. With the exception of capacitance, its electrical characteristics are identical with those of the 6J7G and 6J7GT.
T-6DC6 Vacuum Tube - 6DC6, Pentode, Semi-Remote Cut-Off
Semi-remote cutoff pentode. It is designed for service in the IF stages of color and monochrome television receivers and may be used in the tuners of such sets as an AF amplifier.
T-6DJ8_ECC88 Vacuum Tube - 6DJ8 / ECC88, Dual Triode
Frame grid double triode of miniature construction with high transconductance and low noise, designed for service in television receiver VHF cascode RF amplifiers, IF amplifiers, and phase inverter stages.
T-6L5G Vacuum Tube - 6L5G, Triode
General purpose triode designed for service as an oscillator, detector, or amplifier. It is recommended for use where economy of heater current is important.
T-6Q7G Vacuum Tube - 6Q7G, Dual Diode, Triode
Combines two diodes and a high-mu triode, using a common cathode. It is designed for service as a diode detector, AVC rectifier, and as a high gain resistance coupled amplifier in AC, storage battery, and AC - DC operated receivers.
T-0D3-A_VR150 Vacuum Tube - 0D3-A / VR150, Voltage Regulator
The 0D3-A is a two-element gas filled, cold cathode voltage regulator. It is designed to provide a regulated output of approximately 150 volts.
T-5693 Vacuum Tube - 5693, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off
Sharp cutoff pentode intended for critical industrial applications where 10,000 hour life, extreme uniformity, rigid construction, and exceptional stability are paramount.
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T-5933_807W Vacuum Tube - 5933 / 807W, Tetrode, Beam Power
Rugged beam amplifier tube designed for use in mobile transmitters or amplifiers which may be submitted to shock or vibration.
T-6021 Vacuum Tube - 6021, Dual Triode
Subminiature medium-mu twin triode for use in general purpose amplifier applications. Each section has an individual cathode and is electrically independent.
T-6BC8_6BZ8 Vacuum Tube - 6BC8 / 6BZ8, Dual Triode
Miniature, medium-mu, semi-remote cutoff twin triode intended for application as a VHF cascode amplifier in a television receiver.
T-6SH7 Vacuum Tube - 6SH7, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off, RF
Sharp cut-off amplifier pentode designed for use as a high-gain radio-frequency or intermediate-frequency amplifier. The 6SH7 is not recommended for use as a high-gain audio amplifier because undesirable hum may be encountered.
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