Vacuum Tubes

The first electronic amplification of sound was done with Vacuum Tubes. We have pre-amp, power and rectifier vacuum tubes among other types in New Old Stock from the golden era of American & European manufacturing as well as current production tubes from today.
T-6060_ECC801 Vacuum Tube - 6060 / ECC801, Triode, Dual
Miniature type double triode employing the 9 pin glass button base, having the same general characteristics as the 12AT7 and as a frequency changer, opoerating at frequencies up to 500 Mc/s.
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T-6085_E80CC Vacuum Tube - 6085 / E80CC, Dual Triode
Special quality double triode designed for use as A.F. and D.C. amplifier.
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T-6384 Vacuum Tube - 6384, Beam Power Amplifier
High-perveance beam power amplifier designed as a direct retrofit for the 6AR6 or 6098 in aircraft, military, and industrial applications
T-6669_6AQ5A Vacuum Tube - 6669 / 6AQ5A, Tetrode, Beam Power
Miniature beam-power pentode designed for use as an audio-frequency power amplifier.
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T-6680_12AU7A Vacuum Tube - 6680 / 12AU7A, Dual Triode
Medium-mu triode in the 9 pin miniature construction. It is particularly suited for use in general-purpose amplifier and phase-inverter circuits as well as for the multi-vibrator and oscillator applications.
T-6681_12AX7A Vacuum Tube - 6681 / 12AX7A, Triode, Dual
Miniature high-mu twin triode especially suited for use in resistance-coupled voltage amplifier, phase inverters, multivibrators, and other applications in which high voltage gain is desired.
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T-6A3 Vacuum Tube - 6A3, Triode, Power Amplifier
Filament type triode power amplifier designed for service in the output stage of audio amplifiers where high output and low harmonic distortion are desired. Its ratings and characteristics are similar to those of the 2A3 and 6B4G.
T-6A3-SOVT Vacuum Tube - 6A3, Sovtek
Sovtek 6A3 power triode tube. Made in Russia.
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T-6A5G Vacuum Tube - 6A5G, Triode, Power Amplifier
6A5G is a heater type power amplifier triode designed for the same service as types 6A3 and 6B4G. The tube is equipped with an octal base. This tube is quite free from hum so that no potentiometer is required for hum balance.
T-6AC5G Vacuum Tube - 6AC5G, Triode, Power Amplifier
High-mu power output triode designed for service in dynamic coupled circuits using a type 76, 6P5GT/G or 6J5GT/G as a driver. Two 6AC5Gs may be used as a zero bias class B amplifier.
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T-6CB5A Vacuum Tube - 6CB5A, Beam Power Amplifier
High perveance beam power pentode in a T-12 glass envelope. It is designed especially for use as a horizontal-deflection amplifier in color television receivers. The 6CB5A is unilaterally interchangeable with the 6CB5.
T-6CK4 Vacuum Tube - 6CK4, Triode
Low-mu triode designed for use as the vertical deflection amplifier in television receivers.
T-6DZ7 Vacuum Tube - 6DZ7, Dual Pentode, Power
Twin power pentode designed for use in the output stage of high-fidelity audio amplifiers. The incorporation of two pentode sections in one envelope makes it especially suitable for compact stereo systems.
T-6E5-ST Vacuum Tube - 6E5, Indicator, ST Shape Glass
High-vacuum, heater-cathode type of tube designed to indicate visually the effect of change in the controlling voltage. Essentially a voltage indicator and as such is particularly useful to facilitate exact tuning of a radio receiver.
T-6F5G Vacuum Tube - 6F5G, Triode, HI MU
Triode, high mu
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T-6FH5 Vacuum Tube - 6FH5, Triode, HF
Neutrode triode tuner in the 7 pin miniature construction. It is designed for use in grounded cathode RF amplifiers, with the neutrode construction providing a lower grid to plate capacitance with consequent ease of neutralization.
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T-6FW8 Vacuum Tube - 6FW8, Dual Triode, HF
Medium-mu twin triode of the 9 pin miniature type. It is designed for use in cascode-type circuits of VHF TV tuners.
T-6GM5 Vacuum Tube - 6GM5, Beam Power Amplifier
The 6GM5 is an audio power amplifier
T-6GV8_ECL85 Vacuum Tube - 6GV8 / ECL85, Triode, Pentode, Power
Combined triode and beam pentode especially intended for use in vertical output stage, particularly 110 degree picture tubes. Special attention has been paid to properties important for this application, such as microphonism and linearity.
T-6HU6_EM87 Vacuum Tube - 6HU6 / EM87, Indicator, Tuning
New-Old-Stock (NOS) tube. Tuning indicator tube
T-6HU8_ELL80 Vacuum Tube - 6HU8 / ELL80, Dual Pentode
Twin output pentode for use as an audio-frequency output tube in stereophonic radio receivers and recorders, push-pull output tube and as line frequency oscillator and reactance tube in television receivers.
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T-6JZ6 Vacuum Tube - 6JZ6, Beam Power Amplifier
Compactron beam-power pentode designed for use in the horizontal deflection amplifier in television receivers. A separate connection is provided for the beam plates to minimize "snivets".
T-6KG6A_EL509 Vacuum Tube - 6KG6A / EL509, Beam Power Amplifier
Magnoval type used as a horizontal-deflection amplifier in color television receivers.
T-6KH8_ECLL800 Vacuum Tube - 6KH8 / ECLL800, Triode, Dual Pentode, AF
Triode, Dual Pentode, AF
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