Vacuum Tubes

The first electronic amplification of sound was done with Vacuum Tubes. We have pre-amp, power and rectifier vacuum tubes among other types in New Old Stock from the golden era of American & European manufacturing as well as current production tubes from today.
T-5Y3G Vacuum Tube - 5Y3G, Rectifier, Full Wave
Full-wave vacuum rectifier.
T-5Y4GA Vacuum Tube - 5Y4GA, Rectifier, Full Wave
Full-wave vacuum rectifier
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T-6350 Vacuum Tube - 6350, Triode, Dual
Miniature, medium-mu, twin triode primarily designed for service in computer applications. Each triode section features a high zero-bias plate current, a sharp-cutoff characteristic, and a separate cathode connection.
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T-6922_E88CC-GP Vacuum Tube - 6922 / E88CC, Dual Triode, Gold Pins
Dual Triode, Gold Pins
T-6AB5_6N5 Vacuum Tube - 6AB5 / 6N5, Indicator, Electron Ray
Triode using the miniature construction. Its low capacitance and high ratio of plate current to transconductance allow use as a high frequency oscillator and mixer at frequencies below ~300 mc or as grounded grid radio frequency amplifier.
T-6AL7GT Vacuum Tube - 6AL7GT, Indicator
The 6AL7GT is an electron-ray indicator designed especially for use in AM-FM receivers. Through its use, precise tuning of either FM or AM signals is easily accomplished without the use of additional tubes or circuit components.
T-6AZ8 Vacuum Tube - 6AZ8, Triode, Pentode
Medium mu triode and a semi-remote cutoff pentode in the 9 pin miniature construction. It is intended for general purpose applications in both monochrome and color television receivers.
T-6CT7_EAF42 Vacuum Tube - 6CT7 / EAF42, Pentode
Single diode, remote cut-off R.F. pentode.
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T-6CZ5 Vacuum Tube - 6CZ5, Tetrode, Beam Power
9 pin miniature type beam power tube. Its heater has a controlled warm-up time.
T-6DA5_EM81 Vacuum Tube - 6DA5 / EM81, Indicator, Electron Ray
Electron-ray tuning indicator
T-6JG6A Vacuum Tube - 6JG6A, Beam Power Amplifier
Beam power tube with separate grid-no.3 base-pin terminal for "snivets" control. It is designed for horizontal-deflection-amplifier service in Low-B+ black-and-white TV receivers.
T-6L6G Vacuum Tube - 6L6G, Beam Power Amplifier, ST Glass
The 6L6G is designed with high power sensitivity and high efficiency for service in the output stages of AC receivers. They are capable of delivering an output at all power levels with a very low percentage of harmonic distortion.
T-6V6G Vacuum Tube - 6V6G, Tetrode, Beam Power
Heater-cathode type beam power amplifier tube designed for service in the output stage of a-c or battery-operated equipment.
T-7581A_KT66 Vacuum Tube - 7581A / KT66, Beam Power Amplifier
Beam-power pentode primarily designed for use in audio-frequency power-amplifier applications. The 7581A is unilaterally interchangeable with the 7581 and the 6L6GC.
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T-8068 Vacuum Tube - 8068, Pentode, Beam
Beam pentode designed for use as a series regulator in high-voltage power supplies.
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T-829B_3E29 Vacuum Tube - 829B / 3E29, Dual Tetrode, Beam Power
Twin beam power tube
T-832A Vacuum Tube - 832A, Dual Tetrode, Beam Power
Push-pull RF beam power amplifier
T-EL84_6BQ5-RCA Vacuum Tube - EL84 / 6BQ5, RCA, Pentode, Power
The EL84 is an output pentode rated for 12W anode dissipation, primarily intended for use in a.c. mains operated equipment.
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T-12AJ6 Vacuum Tube - 12AJ6, Duplex Diode, Triode
Miniature double didoe, high-mu triode intended for use as a second detector audio amplifier. It is designed for operation where the heater and plate voltages are supplied directly from a 12-volt automotive storage battery.
T-12AX7A-AMPBB Vacuum Tube - 12AX7A, Amperex Bugle Boy, Dual Triode
12AX7A - Triode, Dual, Amperex Bugle Boy Brand
T-12FQ8 Vacuum Tube - 12FQ8, Triode, Dual
Miniature twin double-plate triode with each section having a grid and two plates brought out to separate base pins.
T-14F8 Vacuum Tube - 14F8, Dual Triode
High-transconductance twin triode designed for use in VHF circuits as a cathode follower, grounded-grid amplifier, or frequency converter. Except for heater voltage and current ratings, it is identical to the 7F8.
T-2E26 Vacuum Tube - 2E26, Pentode, Beam
V-H-F beam power amplifier.
T-300B-GOLD-EH Vacuum Tube - 300B, Electro-Harmonix, Gold Pin
Electro-Harmonix 300B power triode tube with gold pins. Made in Russia. Premium version of the 300B EH with gold grid wire for increased bias stability as well as top of the line sonics and performance.
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