Vacuum Tubes

The first electronic amplification of sound was done with Vacuum Tubes. We have pre-amp, power and rectifier vacuum tubes among other types in New Old Stock from the golden era of American & European manufacturing as well as current production tubes from today.
T-6G6G Vacuum Tube - 6G6G, Pentode, Power Amplifier
Pentode power amplifier designed for service where economy in current consumption is desired.
T-6GK6 Vacuum Tube - 6GK6, Beam Power Amplifier
General-purpose power pentode that may be used either in audio output amplifier or video power output amplifier stages of television receivers.
T-6K5GT Vacuum Tube - 6K5GT, Triode, HI MU
Cathode type high mu triode designed for use in high gain resistance coupled circuits. A lower amplification factor enables the use of a large signal input both under 250 volt and 100 volt operating conditions.
T-6L6 Vacuum Tube - 6L6, Tetrode, Beam Power, Metal
The 6L6 is designed with high power sensitivity and high efficiency for service in the output stages of AC receivers. They are capable of delivering an output at all power levels with a very low percentage of harmonic distortion.
T-6LR8 Vacuum Tube - 6LR8, Triode, Pentode
Triode-pentode containing a high-mu triode and a beam pentode. The triode is designed for service as a vertical-deflection oscillator, and the pentode as a vertical-deflection amplifier in television receivers.
T-6T7G Vacuum Tube - 6T7G, Dual Diode, Triode
The 6SS7GT is an RF pentode which as remote plate current cutoff. It is suitable for operating with AVC in Rf and IF amplifiers. The use of this tube will reduce cross modulation effects.
T-6Y6GT Vacuum Tube - 6Y6GT, Beam Power Amplifier
Beam power pentode primarily intended for use as an audio frequency power amplifier. It is particularly useful in applications where the available supply voltage is relatively low.
T-7027-A Vacuum Tube - 7027-A, Tetrode, Beam Power
Beam power tube for high-fidelity audio-amplifier applications.
T-717A Vacuum Tube - 717A, Pentode
High-frequency pentode.
T-7189-A Vacuum Tube - 7189A, Pentode, Beam
New Old-Stock (N.O.S.) tube. The 7189A is a power-amplifier pentode designed for use in the audio-frequency power output stage of television and radio receivers and high-fidelity amplifiers.
It differs from the 7189 in having a higher screen-voltage rating and in specifying the internal connections to pins 1 and 6.
T-77 Vacuum Tube - 77, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off
Triple grid general purpose detector amplifier.
T-7Z4 Vacuum Tube - 7Z4, Rectifier, Full Wave
Heater-cathode type high vacuum twin diode using the lock in construction. It is intended for power rectifier service in AC operated equipment or for use with storage battery and vibrator in automotive receivers or amplifiers.
T-811A-US Vacuum Tube - 811A, Triode, Power Amplifier, United States
Triode, Power Amplifier, United States
T-12AX7-PV Vacuum Tube - 12AX7, Peavey
Peavey 'Super 7' 12AX7
T-12J5 Vacuum Tube - 12J5, Triode, Medium MU
Medium-mu general-purpose triode designed for use as an amplifier, an oscillator, or a detector. Except for heater ratings, the 12J5 is identical to the 6J5.
T-14N7 Vacuum Tube - 14N7, Dual Triode
Combines two low-mu triodes in the lock-in construction. It is designed for use either as a phase inverter or as a voltage amplifier.
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T-2050A Vacuum Tube - 2050A, Thyratron, Tubular
Xenon filled four electrode thyratron with negative control characteristic. This tube is designed for relay applications for grid-controlled rectifier service.
T-26-ST Vacuum Tube - 26, Triode, ST Glass
Filament type triode designed for use in the amplifier stages of a-c operated receivers.
T-5R4GB Vacuum Tube - 5R4GB, Rectifier, Full Wave
Glass octal type for industrial and military applications.
T-5U4G_5AS4 Vacuum Tube - 5U4G / 5AS4, Rectifier, Full Wave
The 5U4G is designed for service as a power rectifier in AC operated receivers which require high currents
T-6072-A Vacuum Tube - 6072-A, Triode, Dual
Low-noise, low-microphonic miniature twin triode designed primarily for use in the low-level stages of high-gain audio-frequency amplifiers.
T-6883B_8552 Vacuum Tube - 6883B / 8552, Beam Power Amplifier
Beam power tube - high power sensitivity RCA "Dark Heater" with 12 to 15 volt range.
T-6AJ5 Vacuum Tube - 6AJ5, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off
Miniature sharp cutoff pentode designed for use where only low plate and screen voltages are available. The 6AJ5 is especially suitable for operation at high frequencies.
T-6AV11 Vacuum Tube - 6AV11, Triple Triode
Compactron containing three medium-mu triodes suitable for general-purpose amplifier, phase inverter, or oscillator applications.
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