Vacuum Tubes

The first electronic amplification of sound was done with Vacuum Tubes. We have pre-amp, power and rectifier vacuum tubes among other types in New Old Stock from the golden era of American & European manufacturing as well as current production tubes from today.
T-6BY5GA Vacuum Tube - 6BY5GA, Dual Rectifier
Full-wave vacuum rectifier for television damper service
T-5931_5U4WG Vacuum Tube - 5931 / 5U4WG, Rectifier, Full Wave
Rugged full-wave filamentary type rectifier designed for use in applications requiring resistance to shock or vibration.
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T-5R4GB Vacuum Tube - 5R4GB, Rectifier, Full Wave
Glass octal type for industrial and military applications.
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T-5AU4_5V3A Vacuum Tube - 5AU4 / 5V3A, Rectifier, Full Wave
Filamentary full-wave high-vacuum rectifier designed for use in the power supply of television receivers and other equipments which have high output current requirements.
T-1V_6Z3 Vacuum Tube - 1V / 6Z3, Rectifier
Glass-type half-wave high-vacuum rectifier with an indirectly heated cathode. It is especially designed for use in a-c/d-c and automobile receivers.
T-5AZ4 Vacuum Tube - 5AZ4, Rectifier, Full Wave
Filament-type high-vacuum full-wave rectifier designed for service in power supplies of moderate current requirements. The electrical characteristics of the 5AZ4 are equivalent to those of the 5Y3GT.
T-5T4 Vacuum Tube - 5T4, Rectifier, Full Wave
The 5T4 is designed for service as a power rectifier in AC operated receivers.
T-6BY5G Vacuum Tube - 6BY5G, Dual Rectifier
Isa full-wave high-vacuum rectifier designed for damper service in television deflection circuits. It can also be used in conventional rectifier applications.
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T-83V Vacuum Tube - 83V, Rectifier, Full Wave
Power rectifier with low internal voltage drops. It is designed for service in AC operated receivers that require high currents
T-AZ41 Vacuum Tube - AZ41, Rectifier, Full Wave
High vacuum full wave rectifying tube.
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T-36AM3B Vacuum Tube - 36AM3B, Rectifier, Half Wave
Half-wave rectifier in the 7 pin miniature construction. Features of the tube are a 100mA. heater with 20 second warm-up time.
T-5AR4_GZ34 Vacuum Tube - 5AR4 / GZ34, Rectifier, Full Wave
Heater-cathode twin diode designed for full-wave rectifier operation. High output current and small size make this tube especially suitable for compact amplifier designs.
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T-5AW4 Vacuum Tube - 5AW4, Rectifier, Full Wave
High-vacuum rectifier intended for use as a full-power rectifier in television receivers.
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T-5R4GA Vacuum Tube - 5R4GA, Rectifier, Full Wave
New-Old-Stock (NOS) tube
5R4GA - Rectifier, Full Wave
T-5X4G Vacuum Tube - 5X4G, Rectifier, Full Wave
The 5X4 is designed for service as a power rectifier in AC operated receivers which require high currents
T-5Y3G Vacuum Tube - 5Y3G, Rectifier, Full Wave
Full-wave vacuum rectifier.
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T-5U4G_5AS4 Vacuum Tube - 5U4G / 5AS4, Rectifier, Full Wave
The 5U4G is designed for service as a power rectifier in AC operated receivers which require high currents
T-6106_5Y3WGT Vacuum Tube - 6106 / 5Y3WGT, Rectifier, Full Wave
This full-wave, high-vacuum rectifier is specifically designed for aircraft, military, and industrial applications where freedom from early failures, long service life, and uniform operating characteristics are extremely important.
T-5Y4GA Vacuum Tube - 5Y4GA, Rectifier, Full Wave
Full-wave vacuum rectifier
T-6087 Vacuum Tube - 6087 / 5Y3WGTB, Rectifier, Full Wave
Full-wave high-vacuum rectifier for use in power supplies of moderate current requirements. The tube incorporates a unipotential cathode which is internally connected to the filament.
T-81-ST Vacuum Tube - 81, Rectifier, ST Glass
Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier which may be used with either choke or condenser input to the filter.
T-1641_RK60 Vacuum Tube - 1641 / RK60, Rectifier, Full Wave
1641/RK60 - Rectifier, Full Wave
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T-26Z5W Vacuum Tube - 26Z5W, Dual Rectifier
Ruggedized heater-cathode type double diode using the 9 pin miniature construction. It is suitable for use in half or full wave rectifier applications or as a voltage doubler.
T-6X5G Vacuum Tube - 6X5G, Rectifier, Full Wave
The 6X5G is an indirectly heated full-wave rectifiers for use in equipment where the current drain does not exceed 70 mA.
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