Vacuum Tubes

The first electronic amplification of sound was done with Vacuum Tubes. We have pre-amp, power and rectifier vacuum tubes among other types in New Old Stock from the golden era of American & European manufacturing as well as current production tubes from today.
T-12AV7 Vacuum Tube - 12AV7, Twin Triode
Miniature, medium-mu twin triode for use as a radio-frequency amplifier or as a combined oscillator and mixer in VHF television receivers. It my also be used as an audio-frequency amplifier.
T-12AX7-A Vacuum Tube - 12AX7-A, Triode, Dual, High MU
Miniature high-mu twin triode each section of which has an individual cathode connection - especially suited for use in resistance-coupled voltage amplifiers, phase inverters, multivibrators, and industrial-control circuits.
T-5814A Vacuum Tube - 5814A, Triode, Dual, Medium MU
Medium-mu twin triode 9-pin miniature type, intended for applications where dependable performance under shock and vibration is paramount. The 5814A is a "premium" version of the 12AU7.
T-6DA6_EF89 Vacuum Tube - 6DA6 / EF89, Pentode
High-slope R.F. pentode particularly suitable for use in F.M. receivers.
T-6GW8_ECL86 Vacuum Tube - 6GW8 / ECL86, Triode, Pentode, Power
High-mu triode sharp-cutoff pentode
T-1A5GT Vacuum Tube - 1A5GT, Pentode, Power Amplifier
Filament type power-amplifier pentode designed for use in the output stage of low drain battery operated equipment. The 1A5GT may be operated singly or in push-pull combination.
T-6F5GT Vacuum Tube - 6F5GT, Triode, HI MU
General purpose high-mu triode. It is designed for service as a high gain resistance coupled amplifier in AC and AC - DC operated receivers.
T-6DC8_EBF89 Vacuum Tube - 6DC8 / 6AD8 / EBF89, Dual Diode, Pentode
Double diode remote cut-off pentode for use as an R.F. or I.F. amplifier.
T-6J5GT Vacuum Tube - 6J5GT, Triode, Medium MU
General-purpose triode designed for use as a detector, amplifier, or oscillator. Features include a relatively high transconductance and a medium amplification factor.
T-6N7 Vacuum Tube - 6N7, Triode, Dual, Power Amplifier
Heater-cathode type twin triode designed for use as a class B power amplifier in the output stage of a-c or battery operated equipment. It may also be used in a biased detector, oscillator phase inverter or class A amplifier
T-117Z3 Vacuum Tube - 117Z3, Half-wave rectifier, miniature type
Heater, for unipotential cathode. 117 volts AC-DC.
T-12AL5 Vacuum Tube - 12AL5, Dual Diode
Combines two independent diode units in the 7-pin miniature construction. Its high perveance permits high efficiency in either FM or AM detector service.
T-1LH4 Vacuum Tube - 1LH4, Diode, Triode
Tube combining a single diode and a high-mu triode in one bulb. It is designed for service as a diode detector, AVC rectifier, and as a resistance coupled amplifier.
T-1S5_DAF91 Vacuum Tube - 1S5 / DAF91, Diode, Sharp Cut-Off Pentode
Miniature tube containing a diode and a sharp-cutoff pentode. It is designed for use as a combined detector and audio-frequency voltage amplifier in compact battery-powered equipment.
T-25Z6GT Vacuum Tube - 25Z6GT, Dual Rectifier
Heater-cathode type full-wave high-vacuum rectifier doubler tube designed for use in the power supply of a-c or a-c/d-c receivers. Eletrically the 25Z5, 25Z6, and 25Z6GT are identical.
T-42-ST Vacuum Tube - 42, Pentode, Power Amplifier, ST Glass
42 is a pentode amplifier designed for application in power output stages of receivers
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T-6BK7-A-B Vacuum Tube - 6BK7-A-B, Dual Triode, HF
Miniature twin triode designed primarily for use as a cascode amplifier at frequencies below approximately 300 megacycles.
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T-6C6 Vacuum Tube - 6C6, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off
Triple grid general purpose detector amplifier. With the exception of capacitance, its electrical characteristics are identical with those of the 6J7G and 6J7GT.
T-6K7GT Vacuum Tube - 6K7GT, Pentode, Remote Cut-Off, RF
The 6K7GT is an indirectly heated pentode of the vari-mu (remote cut-off) type for use in the RF or IF stages of radio equipment.
T-7A4_XXL Vacuum Tube - 7A4 / XXL, Triode, Medium-MU
Medium-mu triode using the lock-in construction. It is designed for use as an oscillator, detector, or amplifier. It is characterized by moderately high transconductance. It is particularly applicable for service in the higher frequencies.
T-5V4GA Vacuum Tube - 5V4GA, Rectifier, Full Wave
High vacuum rectifier intended for use in full-wave applications. The tube incorporates an indirectly heated cathode which is internally connected to the heater
T-6AW8A Vacuum Tube - 6AW8A, Triode, Pentode
Miniature tube containing a high-mu triode and a sharp-cutoff pentode. The triode section is intended for service as a sync separator and the pentode section as a video amplifier.
T-12K7GT Vacuum Tube - 12K7GT, Pentode, Remote Cut-Off
Variable-mu pentode amplifier in the octal glass construction. It is suitable for use with AVC in RF and IF amplifier and minimizes cross modulation.
T-1LE3_1LF3 Vacuum Tube - 1LE3 / 1LF3, Triode
Low-voltage, low-current drain, battery type triode. It is designed for service as an oscillator, detector, or amplifier in receivers using 90 volts "B" battery and a single dry cell "A" battery.
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