Vacuum Tubes

The first electronic amplification of sound was done with Vacuum Tubes. We have pre-amp, power and rectifier vacuum tubes among other types in New Old Stock from the golden era of American & European manufacturing as well as current production tubes from today.


Hartley Peavey founded Peavey Electronics, one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of musical and professional audio equipment, in 1965, having built his first amplifier in 1957.
T-6L6GC-MP-PV Vacuum Tube - 6L6GC, Peavey, Matched Pair
Peavey 'Super 6' 6L6GC
Matched Pair
T-EL84-MP-PV Vacuum Tube - EL84, Peavey, Matched Pair
Peavey EL84 Matched Pair
T-12AX7-PV Vacuum Tube - 12AX7, Peavey
Peavey 'Super 7' 12AX7
T-6V6-MP-PV Vacuum Tube - 6V6, Peavey, Matched Pair
'Super V' 6V6. Ruby Matched Pair from Peavey.
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