Vacuum Tube - KT88, Svetlana

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Vacuum Tube - KT88, Svetlana

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The Svetlana KT88 is an excellent choice for users looking to upgrade their current KT88 tubes. This tube is a glass envelope beam power tetrode. It is intended for audio frequency power amplifiers. High plate dissipation, close manufacturing tolerances, and thorough processing provides improved reliability and superior sonic performance.

The Svetlana KT88 is manufactured in the Svetlana factory in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is designed to be a replacement for any KT88, KT90, KT99, or 6550.


  • Greatly enhanced sonic performance
  • Increased peak cathode emission from the new cathode materials
  • Stable operation from extended processing and aging
  • Gold-plated grid
  • New tri-plate anode
  • Single piece beamforming electrode
  • Precise grid/screen alignment
  • Improved vacuum processing
  • Comprehensive static and audio amplifier testing before and after aging

“Svetlana tubes are quite simply the absolute best. We design and manufacture our tubes, engineered for demanding high fidelity, reliability and overall warmth. Be sure to insist on genuine Svetlana vacuum tubes the next time you retube -- you'll be getting the absolute best possible tubes for any demanding application.”

Item ID:
Part Numbers
Single or MatchedOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
Matched PairT-KT88-SV-MP
Matched QuadT-KT88-SV-MQ
Product Measurements by Type
BaseSingle versionT-KT88-SVLarge wafer octal 8-pin with metal sleeve
CathodeSingle versionT-KT88-SVOxide-coated, unipotential
Cathode to Heater Max.Single versionT-KT88-SV-250 V / 250 V
CoolingSingle versionT-KT88-SVConvection Cooled
DiameterSingle versionT-KT88-SV51 mm
HeightSingle versionT-KT88-SV117 mm
Max. DC Cathode CurrentSingle versionT-KT88-SV230 mA
Max. DC Plate VoltageSingle versionT-KT88-SV800 V
Max. Envelope TemperatureSingle versionT-KT88-SV250 °C
Max. Grid no.1 (control) VoltageSingle versionT-KT88-SV-300 V
Max. Grid no.2 (screen) dissipationSingle versionT-KT88-SV8 W
Max. Grid no.2 DC (screen) VoltageSingle versionT-KT88-SV600 V
Max. Heater VoltageSingle versionT-KT88-SV6.9 V
Max. Plate DissipationSingle versionT-KT88-SV42 W
Min. Heater VoltageSingle versionT-KT88-SV5.7 V
Nom. Heater CurrentSingle versionT-KT88-SV1.6 A
Nom. Heater VoltageSingle versionT-KT88-SV6.3 V
Seated HeightSingle versionT-KT88-SV103.5 mm
Packaging Information
Packaging DimensionsMatched Pair versionT-KT88-SV-MP1 in. × 1 in. × 1 in.
Matched Quad versionT-KT88-SV-MQ1 in. × 1 in. × 1 in.
Single versionT-KT88-SV5.5 in. × 2 in. × 2 in.
Weight (Packaging)Single versionT-KT88-SV0.264 lbs.
Product Measurements by Item
T-KT88-SV - Single versionBaseLarge wafer octal 8-pin with metal sleeve
CathodeOxide-coated, unipotential
Cathode to Heater Max.-250 V / 250 V
CoolingConvection Cooled
Diameter51 mm
Height117 mm
Max. DC Cathode Current230 mA
Max. DC Plate Voltage800 V
Max. Envelope Temperature250 °C
Max. Grid no.1 (control) Voltage-300 V
Max. Grid no.2 (screen) dissipation8 W
Max. Grid no.2 DC (screen) Voltage600 V
Max. Heater Voltage6.9 V
Max. Plate Dissipation42 W
Min. Heater Voltage5.7 V
Nom. Heater Current1.6 A
Nom. Heater Voltage6.3 V
Seated Height103.5 mm

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