Vacuum Tube - EL34B, Valve Art

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Vacuum Tube - EL34B, Valve Art

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  • Apex Matched Pair
  • Apex Matched Quad
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Octal power tube (Max Plate Watts = 25W) EL34B(with shadow grid) is a high performance improved version of pentode EL34A to solve the problem of overheated No. 2 Grid. Maximum anode dissipation is 25W and output power of single tube is over 10W in A1 amplification mode. When used in AB1 mode, two tubes can output over 35W. It can substitute 6CA7.

Apex Tube Matching
Matched versions of this tube use Apex Matching
RoHS Compliant
Item ID:
Valve Art, Apex Matched
Part Numbers
Single or MatchedOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
Apex Matched PairT-EL34B-VA-MP609722123877
Apex Matched QuadT-EL34B-VA-MQ609722123884
Product Measurements by Type
No measurements are currently available for this product. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Packaging Information
Packaging DimensionsApex Matched Pair versionT-EL34B-VA-MP6.1 in. × 3.6 in. × 2 in.
Apex Matched Quad versionT-EL34B-VA-MQ6.1 in. × 3.6 in. × 3.6 in.
Single versionT-EL34B-VA2 in. × 2 in. × 6 in.
Weight (Packaging)Apex Matched Pair versionT-EL34B-VA-MP0.326 lbs.
Apex Matched Quad versionT-EL34B-VA-MQ0.652 lbs.
Single versionT-EL34B-VA0.163 lbs.
Product Measurements by Item
No measurements are currently available for this product. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Asked by Anonymous on January 16th, 2018.
Matt H
January 18th, 2018
Yes, the Apex system has been updated for more accuracy and the numbers have changed. If you need to match up a set from the old system, please contact us at: 480-296-0890 or
Asked by Anonymous on October 26th, 2018.
October 26th, 2018
Staff Member
These tubes are made in China

Product Reviews

4.25 out of 5 based on 4 reviews
- May 15th, 2019
5 out of 5

Hi Brad, Thanks for the help in matching my replacement tubes to the originals using the Apex system. My amp sounds great, and I didn't have to get it re-biased! I will order again!

- August 2nd, 2016
2 out of 5

I have used these tubes for a long time..They have always had problems,getting a good quad would take 2 or 3 tries..That is why I buy from these guys..But I just got a new Maxi matched quad and they were junk..The glass bottle is all warped and the flash coating on the top is so thin... The spacers look funny...I know it is not AP fault they do not make them..But if the next ones sent to me look and act like the ones I have..I will NEVER buy them again On my little tube tester they read like old worn out tubes and the sound is so bad.My 100w Marshall sounded so bad...Too Bad they have gone down hill...

- August 1st, 2010
5 out of 5

These tubes are rugged, long lasting and sound awesome! Great for hifi and guitar amps. Great low frequency extension and control, three dimensional midrange and smooth highs. Crazy good for the money! Great service from Amplified Parts, too.

- September 30th, 2009
5 out of 5

These are really good my Bad Cat amp has them

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