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JJ Electronics
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Vacuum Tube - ECC99, JJ Electronics

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The JJ Electronic ECC99 is a noval based dual triode. This tube features a rugged construction and is also available with gold pins. The ECC99 is typically used as a driver for power triodes in 2A3 and 300B amplifiers but can also be used as a power tube in small amps and headphone amps. This tube can also be a functional replacement for 5687, E182CC, 6840, and 6BL7 tubes.

RoHS Compliant
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JJ Electronics
Part Numbers
Pin TypeOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
Product Measurements
Body Height68.4 mm
Cathode Current (Ik)≤ 60 mA
Filament Current (If)800 / 400 mA
Filament Voltage (Uf)6.3 / 12.6 V
Gain (μ)22
Grid Voltage (Ug)-4 V typical
Grid capacitance (cg1)5.8 pF
Grid to Plate Capacitance (ca/g)5.1 pF
Heater to cathode voltage (Uk/f)≤ 200 V
Internal Resistance (Ri)2.3 kΩ
Item Diameter22 mm
Item Height62.2 mm
Plate Capacitance (ca)0.91 pF
Plate Current (Ia)18 mA
Plate Dissipation (Wa)≤ 3.5 W
Plate Voltage (Ua)≤ 400 V, 150 V typical
Transconductance (S)9.5 mA/V
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions1 in. × 1 in. × 3.6 in.
Weight (Packaging)Gold version0.05 lbs.
Regular version0.037 lbs.

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Asked by Anonymous on February 11th, 2019.
February 11th, 2019
Staff Member
These tubes are not listed as a replacement for the 6N6 tube. They will not work for that particular application.

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