Vacuum Tube - 7025 S, Tube Amp Doctor, Premium Selected

Tube Amp Doctor (TAD)
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Vacuum Tube - 7025 S, Tube Amp Doctor, Premium Selected image 1Vacuum Tube - 7025 S, Tube Amp Doctor, Premium Selected image 2
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Vacuum Tube - 7025 S, Tube Amp Doctor, Premium Selected

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The vintage made in England Mullard ECC83 has been accurately recreated in the Tube Amp Doctor 7025 S. This highly sought after tube is regarded by many as the best dual triode to have ever been created for audio use. TAD offers a reliable and affordable way to experience the sound of this legendary tube.

The 7025 S is notable for its rich and complex harmonics. The warmth in the midrange of this tube stands out among similar preamp tubes. The TAD 7025 has nice round clean tones as well as a creamy yet articulate overdrive. Its rugged mechanical construction with extra thick mica spacers along with TAD’s premium selection process ensures a highly reliable preamp tube. Tube Amp Doctor especially recommends the 7025 S for use in British and British style amplifiers.

The Tube Amp Doctor 7025 works in any 7025, 12AX7, or ECC83 position.

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Tube Amp Doctor Part Number:
Tube Amp Doctor (TAD)
RoHS Compliant
Product Measurements by Type
Body Height50 mm
Bulb Temperature160°C
Cathode Current (Ik)8 mA
Cathode to Heater Voltage≤ 150 V
D.C. Grid Voltage, negative-55 V
D.C. Grid Voltage, positive0 V
D.C. Plate Voltage330 V
Grid to Cathode Capacitance (cg/k)1.9 pF
Grid to Heater Capacitance (cg/h)0.4 pF
Grid to Plate Capacitance (ca/g)1.8 pF
Heater Current0.15 / 0.3 A
Heater Voltage6.3 / 12.6 V
Item Diameter22.5 mm
Item Height57 mm
Plate Dissipation (Wa)1.2 W
Plate to Cathode Capacitance0.7 pF
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions3.25 in. × 1 in. × 1 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.038 lbs.

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Asked by Anonymous on November 13th, 2019.
November 14th, 2019
Staff Member
Without having a clear idea of what is meant when you say "overkill" it is difficult to answer. To get an idea of how these compare to other offerings in terms of gain, EQ, physical size, and excess noise, please refer to our 12AX7 Comparison of Current Made Tubes chart:

Product Reviews

3.00 out of 5 based on 1 reviews
- November 5th, 2020
3 out of 5

I ordered a TAD 6L6WGC for a backup tube for my single 6L6 amp. I swapped the TAD in removing a Svetlana (new production) and was totally amazed with sound the TAD produced. Thinking TAD may be on to something, I ordered a TAD 7025S reading how they are new to Shugang's line and are a Mullard clone claimed for V1 use. Hmmmm?

I am very glad I left a Gold Lion B759 in circuit for an A/B test. The Russian GL produced warm gain with an even spectrum of frequencies where they are not mid forward. As a relative to Sovtec's 12AX7LPS the GL's are not microphonic, can be used in combos, and sound lush.

The TAD 7025S had less gain which is expected but unfortunately sounded dull and lifeless in comparison. Gone were the sparkling highs and overtones the GL pours out. Gone was the gain and overdrive settings where all amp and pedal controls where drastically changed to get a similar but not a better tone. I found a home for it as a phase inverter as it was that veiled and dull. These don't look like a typical Chinese 12AX7, they have the proper construction and are well made.

These do have the "Mullard Flash" when power is first applied the tube. The tube flashes a bright white burst from the lower, inside tube area. Totally freaked me out thinking it was an arc flash where the tube had lost vacuum. But no, the tube heaters come up normally and she glows and performs as normal. Guess this is common to some Mullards and a few others? These may be a good tube for high gain or different applications just not my V1.

I'm not a subscriber of NOS tubes when new production are so close. TAD demonstrates just how different they can be so I'm a believer different designs, different tube specs do alter the tone. I'm talking performance level not some slight nuance you will never hear live. TAD has an interesting thing going on and certain reliable testing. AmplifiedParts delivers products fast and well packed. Most tube sellers don't even have the 7025S in stock.