Tuning Machines

P-GGT-81 Tuners - Gotoh, Relic, SD91, oval knob, 6-in-a-line, aged nickel
1:15 gear ratio. Hardware included.
package of 6
P-GTMH01-X Tuners - Fender® Vintage Stratocaster / Telecaster
Tuners for vintage Fender® Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars (Set of 6)
Starting at $36.75
package of 6
P-GGT-80 Tuners - Gotoh, Relic, SD90, keystone, 3 per side, aged nickel
1:15 gear ratio. Hardware included. Relic series tuners are designed to create unique textures reminiscent of those found in vintage equipment.
package of 6
P-GGT-98 Tuners - Gotoh, FB30 Relic, for Bass, 4-in-a-line, Aged Nickel
The Gotoh Relic bass tuners are convincingly aged parts that are perfect for a vintage or relic'd bass. Parts from the Gotoh Relic series are uniquely worn for an aged look that offers the functionality of a new part.
package of 4
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