Vacuum Tube Accessories

P-ST8-108S Socket - 8 Pin Octal, Relay, terminal strips
Great for experimenting! Use anywhere you would use a normal octal tube socket, but use screw terminal strips to attach wiring. No need to mount socket and solder leads.
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Originally: $13.65
S-B120X Egg Crate - for Storing Vacuum Tubes
15 x 15" egg crate packing box designed for storing tubes. Supplied unassembled. Each size is capable of holding a different number of tubes. For cartons see S-B127X
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Originally: $8.65
S-B127X Carton - for tube egg crates, 15" x 15"
Cartons to hold tube egg crates S-B123, S-B124, S-B125, and S-B126. All sizes will fit the crates, but you may want additional vertical clearance for taller tubes. See S-B120X for the tube egg crate inserts
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Originally: $4.95
S-B247X Tube Boxes - generic, for storing vacuum tubes
Heavy plain white boxes with dividers to cushion tube. Minimum order of 10 per size.
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Originally: $0.19
A minimum order of at least 10 is required.
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