Vacuum Tube Accessories

S-B120X Egg Crate - for Storing Vacuum Tubes
15 x 15" egg crate packing box designed for storing tubes. Supplied unassembled. Each size is capable of holding a different number of tubes. For cartons see S-B127X
Starting at $8.65
S-B247X Tube Boxes - generic, for storing vacuum tubes
Heavy plain white boxes with dividers to cushion tube. Minimum order of 10 per size.
Starting at $0.19
A minimum order of at least 10 is required.
P-SS9-400 Tube Shield - High Quality, Fits P-ST9-700 with Spring
New production, aluminum, 2" tall, for use with P-ST9-700 and P-ST9-700-PC.
S-H141 Retainer - fits EL34 / 5881 and 6L6GC Tubes
For use with guitar amps and applications where tube is suspended upside down in chassis. Use with suspended 5881, 6L6, and EL34 tubes.
S-H141-RING Ring for Retainer - rubber, fits EL34 / 5881 and 6L6GC Tubes
Rubber ring for retainer S-H141 fits EL34/5881 and 6L6GC tubes. Outer Diameter: 1.38" Inner Diameter: 1.00" Thickness: 0.16"
S-H142-A Tube Clip - Octal, Sold individually
Vacuum tube base clip. Grips tube base with teeth to securely hold tube in place. For use with octal sockets with 1-½" mounting centers.
P-SG11X Grid / Plate Anode Cap - Ceramic for tubes
Diameter listed is the inside diameter. The anode cap is used for making an electrical connection to vacuum tubes which have anode high voltage connection from the top. Its contact resistance is less than 0.01 ohm, insulation resisitance is over 10,000 Mohm. Life time is about 200 cycles.
Starting at $0.62
P-SS9-325XL Tube Shield - For 9-Pin, Aluminum, Extra Long
Extra long (70mm) aluminum tube shield for noval tubes. Ideal for tubes that are longer than a standard preamp tube such as the 6CG7, 12BH7, etc.
  • Includes shield base
  • Designed for longer than standard pre-amp tubes
  • Sold individually
  • Compatible with P-ST9-212
P-SP8-500 Plug - 8-Pin octal tube base, Black Plastic
Black plastic 8-pin plug. This is the bottom portion of an octal tube base including all 8 pins and guide key between pins 1 and 8.
P-SS9-325-X Tube shield - for 9-pin miniature, aluminum, multiple colors
Colors Available:
Protect your preamp tubes and customize them to suit your style with these colorful aluminum tube shields.
Starting at $1.18
S-H146 Vacuum Tube Retainer - for 12AX7 Tubes
Mounting Centers = 1", Overall Height = 2.2". Keeps common preamp tubes in place while dampening vibrations to reduce microphonics. Supports a maximum tube height of 2.1 inches
S-H143 Retainer - Fits KT88 / 6550 Size Tubes
For use with guitar amps and applications where KT88/6550 is suspended upside down in the chassis.
S-H145 Vacuum Tube Retainer - Belton, for EL84s, High Quality
Retainer (Belton). for use with EL84 tubes, mounts to chassis. Steel plate with nickel plating and natural coil spring. Note: these retainers are for specialized socket below chassis mounting. (See mounting drawing below.) The springs are too short for standard sockets mounted level with the chassis surface.
S-H143-RING Ring for Retainer - rubber, fits KT88 and 6550 Tubes
Rubber ring for retainer S-H143 fits KT88 and 6550 tubes. Dampens vibration.
S-B127X Carton - for tube egg crates, 15" x 15"
Cartons to hold tube egg crates S-B123, S-B124, S-B125, and S-B126. All sizes will fit the crates, but you may want additional vertical clearance for taller tubes. See S-B120X for the tube egg crate inserts
P-SP8-479 Tube Base - 8 Pin, Octal, Brown
8 pin octal tube base, brown.
Inside Diameter = 1 3/16"
Height = 7/8"
P-SS9-600 Tube Shield - Belton, Push Twist for Socket P-ST9-AWS
2" tall, for use with P-ST9-AWS. Push/twist to chassis, no mounting centers. Belton manufacture. Aluminum sleeve with natural coil spring. Spring length: 26mm
P-SS9-161 Tube Shield - 9 Pin Mini, Bayonet, J Slot, 1-½" Tall, Aluminum
NOS (Eby) aluminum tube shield (no base), spring loaded, for short 9 pin miniature tubes like NOS 6386 with 1.50" seated height. (Too short to fit more common 9 pin miniature tubes like 12AX7 with 1.94" seated height).
P-SP4-477 Tube Base - 4-Pin
Replacement 4-pin tube base for use with tubes such as the 811A or 300B.
P-SBRKT2 Bracket - for 9 Pin Socket
Washer fits around sockets to hold them to chassis.
P-SP4-477C Tube Base - 4-Pin, Ceramic
4 pin, ceramic tubes base, 1 ¼" diameter - 1 1/16" tall.
Save 51%
Originally: $5.75
P-SBRKT Bracket - for 8 Pin Socket
Washer fits around the socket in in order to hold it to the chassis. for 8 pin sockets.
P-SS9-601 Tube Shield - 2", China
2" tall, for use with P-ST9-AWS or P-ST9-AWS-CHINA
P-SP8-477 Tube Base - 8 Pin, Gold Coated Pins, 1.57" diameter
8 pin tube base with gold coated pins.
Outer Diameter: 1.57"
Inner Diameter: 1.52"
Height (not including pins or keyway): 0.80"
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