Vacuum Tube Accessories

S-H143-RING Ring for Retainer - rubber, fits KT88 and 6550 Tubes
Rubber ring for retainer S-H143 fits KT88 and 6550 tubes. Dampens vibration.
T-7199-ADT-SET Adapter - use 6GH8A Instead of 7199 tube, 6GH8A Included
Package of 2
  • (1) T-7199-ADT
  • (1) T-6GH8A
S-TVBV Tool - Vacuum Base Vise, 40mm
Mini vise. Great for securing small, light-weight components like potentiometers, tube sockets and switches while soldering or de-soldering. Clamp opens to 40 mm max.
P-ST8-809 Socket - 8 Pin Octal, 1" with Bracket
Ceramic Tube socket used for octal power tubes.
  • Chassis hole: 1” to 1-5/32” depending on mounting (Top: 1” Bottom: 1-5/32”)
  • Mounting Centers: 1-1/2” with oblong mounting holes
P-ST7-815 Socket - 7 Pin, Miniature, Ceramic, with Shield Base
7-pin tube socket with shield base commonly used for preamp tubes
  • Top mount
  • 5/8” chassis hole required
  • 7/8” mounting centers
  • Shield Base
P-ST7-816 Socket - 7 Pin, Miniature, Ceramic, with Aluminum Shield
7-pin tube socket commonly used for preamp tubes. Shield Included.
  • Top mount
  • 1-7/8” shield height
  • 5/8” chassis hole required
  • 7/8” mounting centers
  • Includes Shield
P-ST7-223 Socket - 7 Pin, Miniature, Standoff Ceramic PC Mount, Center Lug
7-pin ceramic tube socket with PC pins and center lug.
P-ST9-MAG Socket - 9 Pin, Ceramic, Magnoval
9-pin premium ceramic tube socket used for magnoval (EL504/EL519 size) base tubes. Can be top mounted or bottom mounted, using unique ring mount. Great replacement for vintage amplifiers and other equipment.
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