Vacuum Tube Accessories

P-SH2-104-2 Washer - Wavy, for P-ST8-810 mounting
Works with P-ST8-810 for mounting without screws.
P-SBRKT2 Bracket - for 9 Pin Socket
Washer fits around sockets to hold them to chassis.
P-SS9-161 Tube Shield - 9 Pin Mini, Bayonet, J Slot, 1-½" Tall, Aluminum
NOS (Eby) aluminum tube shield (no base), spring loaded, for short 9 pin miniature tubes like NOS 6386 with 1.50" seated height. (Too short to fit more common 9 pin miniature tubes like 12AX7 with 1.94" seated height).
S-B247X Tube Boxes - generic, for storing vacuum tubes
Heavy plain white boxes with dividers to cushion tube. Minimum order of 10 per size.
Starting at $0.19
A minimum order of at least 10 is required.
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