Vacuum Tube Accessories

S-H145 Vacuum Tube Retainer - Belton, for EL84s, High Quality
Retainer (Belton). for use with EL84 tubes, mounts to chassis. Steel plate with nickel plating and natural coil spring. Note: these retainers are for specialized socket below chassis mounting. (See mounting drawing below.) The springs are too short for standard sockets mounted level with the chassis surface.
S-H146 Vacuum Tube Retainer - for 12AX7 Tubes
Mounting Centers = 1", Overall Height = 2.2". Keeps common preamp tubes in place while dampening vibrations to reduce microphonics. Supports a maximum tube height of 2.1 inches
S-H144 Vacuum Tube Retainer - for EL84 Tubes
Tube retainer for EL84. for use with guitar amps and applications where the tube is suspended upside down in the chassis. Supports a maximum tube height of 2.8 inches
P-SH2-104-2 Washer - Wavy, for P-ST8-810 mounting
Works with P-ST8-810 for mounting without screws.
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