Vacuum Tube Accessories

P-SAYJ-TRIODE Tube Converter - Yellow Jackets®, YJS, Triode Version, converter only
Converter-only version of the P-YJS-T. Tubes not included. Requires an EL84 vacuum tube, such as:
  • T-EL84-EH (Electro-Harmonix)
  • T-EL84-GEN (Genalex)
  • T-EL84-JJ (JJ Electronic)
  • T-EL84-MUL (Mullard)
  • T-EL84-MP-PV (Peavey)
  • T-EL84-S-MP-GT (Groove Tubes)
  • T-EL84-SOVT (Sovtek)
  • T-EL84-TAD (Tube Amp Doctor)
  • T-EL84-TUNG (Tung-Sol)
  • T-EL84_6BQ5 (NOS)
  • T-EL844-JJ (JJ Electronic EL844)
  • T-EL84M-SOVT (Sovtek EL84M)

We also sell an EL84 sampler set containing 9 EL84 tubes:
  • T-EL84-SET

The YJS is a specialized, current-limiting/voltage-conditioning adapter for use in most 20 to 100 watt amps that use 6L6, EL34, 6550 or 6V6 output tubes. The YJS is for amps with fixed bias power tubes.
P-ST8-209MIP-EPC Socket - Belton, Micalex, 8-Pin Octal, MIP, Flanged Holes
Belton 8-pin Micalex tube socket commonly used for octal based power, preamp, and rectifier tubes. Applicable for use with all types of electronic equipment using vacuum tubes. This version has circular extruded holes.
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