Vacuum Tube Accessories

P-ST9-700 Socket - Belton, 9 pin, crimped with shield base, Micalex
Belton micalex tube socket commonly used for preamp tubes or EL84 power tubes
  • Fits ¾" chassis hole diameter
  • See P-SS9-400 for a compatible tube shield
S-H142 Tube Clip - Belton, for Octal, sold individually
Grips tube base with 'teeth' to securely hold tube in place. For use with octal sockets with 1-1/2" mounting centers. Super high quality. Spring plate with Nickel plating.
Please Note: This tube clip will not work with socket P-ST8-500
S-H144 Vacuum Tube Retainer - for EL84 Tubes
Tube retainer for EL84. for use with guitar amps and applications where the tube is suspended upside down in the chassis. Supports a maximum tube height of 2.8 inches
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