P-Q2N6027-A Transistor - 2N6027 Programmable Unijunction
2N6027 programmable unijunction transistor often referred to as a PUT. The 2n6027 can be found in many tremolo effects pedal projects.
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P-QJ201-TH Transistor - J201, JFET, N-Channel, MMBFJ201 Presoldered TO-92 Adapter
Surface mount MMBFJ201 JFETs presoldered to TO-92 adapter boards. Use wire, clipped component leads, or pin headers to easily attach these adapters to PCBs using TO-92 footprints for J201s. These JFETs can be found in many effects pedals, synthesizers, and other projects. The J201 / MMBFJ201 is an N-Channel general purpose amplifier JFET. This device is designed primarily for low level audio and general purpose applications with high impedance signal sources. The pinout is marked on the PCB and is DSG when facing the component side.
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