Texas Instruments

P-QBC181 Transistor - BC181, Texas Instruments, TO-92 case, PNP
The BC181 is a general purpose PNP transistor manufactured by Texas Instruments. This low-power PNP bipolar junction transistor is in a TO-92 case.
P-Q2N404-TI-G Transistor - NOS 2N404A, TI, Germanium, Gold Lead TO-5 Case, PNP
New old stock 2N404A PNP germanium transistors manufactured by Texas Instruments. These TI 2N404A feature gold plated leads. The 2N404A is used in many fuzz pedals along with other effects. The 2N404A is the same as the 2N404 but with a higher voltage rating. This transistor is in a TO-5 package with long leads commonly found on germanium transistors.
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