Transistor - 2N4061, TO-92 case, PNP

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Transistor - 2N4061, TO-92 case, PNP

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2N4061 PNP transistors. This is a silicon PNP transistor in a TO-92 package. The 2N4061 has been used in a variety of effects pedals and is most notably used in the Zonk Machine II.


Max. Collector-Base Voltage30 V
Max. Collector-Emitter Voltage30 V
Max. Continuous Collector Current200 mA
Max. Emitter-Base Voltage6.0 V
Max. ICBO (VCB=20V)100 nA
Max. IEBO (VEB=6.0V)100 nA
Max. Operating and Storage Junction Temperature-65 to +150 °C
Max.Power Dissipation625 mW
Max. VBE(ON) (VCE=5.0V, IC=1.0mA)1.0 V
Max. VCE(SAT) (IC=10mA, IB=0.5mA)0.7 V
Max. hFE (VCE=5.0V, IC=1.0mA)330
Max. hfe (VCE=5.0V, IC=1.0mA, f=1.0kHz)450
Min. BVCEO (IC=1.0mA)30 V
Min. VBE(ON) (VCE=5.0V, IC=1.0mA)0.5 V
Min. hFE (VCE=5.0V, IC=1.0mA)90
Min. hfe (VCE=5.0V, IC=1.0mA, f=1.0kHz)90
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions0.799 in. × 0.19 in. × 0.169 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.002 lbs.
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