Transformers & Chokes

P-T229B230 Transformer - Hammond, Power, 115V/230V, 230V/50mA, 12VA
Low profile mounting, dual - split bobbin design. 12VA.
P-T262F12 Transformer - Hammond, Plate & Filament or Bias, 12.6V auxiliary
  • Primary 115 VAC, 60 Hz.
  • Designed for small power or bias supplies, test equipment, preamps etc.
  • Economical , two hole, channel bracket, chassis mount.
  • Minimum 5" long leads.
  • Convenient 12.6 filament/auxiliary winding.
P-T850HA Audio Transformer - Hammond, 150/600Ω, Line Isolation
  • 150/600 Ohm Primary Impedance
  • 300/1200 Ohm Secondary Impedance
  • Deep-drawn steel case with tin plated finish, with two convenient 6-32 mounting studs with mounting hardware.
  • Sealed case and wax potted core internally for stable characteristics and long life.
  • Wide frequency response ± 0.5 db max. from 20 Hz. to 20 Khz. (except units over 5K ohms impedance, may be down 1 db @ 20 Khz.)
  • Insertion loss of apx. 1 db.
  • Maximum power level +15 dbm. with specified characteristics, or higher levels with reduced low frequency performance.
  • Distortion is apx. 1.5% @ 20 Hz. under full power.
  • Electrostatic shield between pri. & sec. connected to the green lead.
  • Humbucking construction
  • Balanced split windings on pri. & sec. for circuit versatility. Primary may be used as a secondary and vice versa for impedance matching.
  • Lead length: Min. 4"
P-TF413160 Transformer - Fender, Power, for Deluxe Reverb 120V
Genuine Fender power transformer designed for use in the ‘65 Deluxe Reverb as well as the ‘68 Deluxe. Made to original fender specifications. 120V Primary
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