Transformer - Hammond, Toroidal Power, 12V / 24V secondary

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Transformer - Hammond, Toroidal Power, 12V / 24V secondary image 1Transformer - Hammond, Toroidal Power, 12V / 24V secondary image 2
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Transformer - Hammond, Toroidal Power, 12V / 24V secondary

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Dual 117/234 VAC primary, ~\frac{50}{60}~ Hz. operation. 24 V series, 12 V parallel secondary.

Toroidal transformers are

  • low profile
  • lightweight
  • cool running / high efficiency
  • have low stray magnetic flux leakage (low EMI) due to core shape


  • Supplied with two neoprene rubber insulating pads, one metal centering washer and all mounting hardware
  • Minimum 8" long flexible leads
  • Manufactured using Class B (130 degree C) materials.
  • Hi-Pot test of 4,000VAC RMS between primary & secondary
  • UL recognized to UL506 (XPTQ2.Guide) UL file #E207860
  • CSA certified to C22.2 #66 - CSA file #209651
  • CE compliant to IEC 61558-2-4

Note: Units are designed to have all windings engaged (either series or parallel connected) or connected as an autotransformer.

Note about Inrush Current: Due to the superior magnetic properties of Toroidal transformers they will be susceptible to high magnetizing current when initially energized, only limited by the low DC resistance of the primary winding. Depending on where you are in the AC cycle when the transformer is energized dictates the chances of overloading the supply circuit. This is why the transformer may sometimes energize without a problem and other times it will blow the fuse or trip the circuit breaker. The duration of this overload is rarely longer than a half of a cycle. Therefore, you should consider using a slow-blow fuse, time delayed circuit breaker or other form of soft start circuitry for the supply line when using these high efficient Toroidal transformers.

Part No. VA VAC Secondary (RMS) Dual or Single Secondary % Voltage Regulation Toroid Center
Series Parallel
P-T1182K12 30 24V C.T. @ 1.25A 12V @ 2.5A Dual 11.70% Open
P-T1182L12 50 24V C.T. @ 2.08A 12V @ 4.16A Dual 12.60% Open
P-T1182M12 80 24V C.T. @ 3.33A 12V @ 6.66A Dual 9.70% Open
P-T1182P12 120 24V C.T. @ 5A 12V @ 10A Dual 7.70% Open
P-T1182Q12 160 24V C.T. @ 6.67A 12V @ 13.34A Dual 7.70% Open
P-T1182S12 225 24V C.T. @ 9.38A 12V @ 18.76A Dual 7.20% Open
P-T1182T12 300 24V C.T. @ 12.5A 12V @ 25A Dual 7.10% Open
P-T1182W12 1000 24V C.T. @ 41.7A 12V @ 83.4A Dual 2.20% Open

For other toroidal secondary voltages, see our other listings:

Voltage Product
6V parallel / 12V series secondary P-T1182-6
9V parallel / 18V series secondary P-T1182-9
12V parallel / 24V series secondary P-T1182-12
15V parallel / 30V series secondary P-T1182-15
18V parallel / 36V series secondary P-T1182-18
22V parallel / 44V series secondary P-T1182-22
24V parallel / 48V series secondary P-T1182-24
30V parallel / 60V series secondary P-T1182-30
40V parallel / 80V series secondary P-T1182-40
60V parallel / 120V series secondary P-T1182-60
90V parallel / 180V series secondary P-T1182-90
110V parallel / 220V series secondary P-T1182-110
117V parallel / 234V series secondary P-T1182-117
240V secondary P-T1182-240
Item ID:
RoHS Compliant
Part Numbers
VA RatingOur Part NumberUPC/EANHammond Part Number
30P-T1182K12623980531229 1182K12
50P-T1182L12623980531311 1182L12
80P-T1182M12623980531403 1182M12
120P-T1182P12623980531496 1182P12
160P-T1182Q12623980531571 1182Q12
225P-T1182S12623980531656 1182S12
300P-T1182T12623980531731 1182T12
1000P-T1182W12623980240428 1182W12
Product Measurements by Type
% Voltage Regulation30 versionP-T1182K1211.70%
50 versionP-T1182L1212.60%
80 versionP-T1182M129.70%
120 versionP-T1182P127.70%
160 versionP-T1182Q127.70%
225 versionP-T1182S127.20%
300 versionP-T1182T127.10%
1000 versionP-T1182W122.20%
Height30 versionP-T1182K121.25 in.
50 versionP-T1182L121.5 in.
80 versionP-T1182M121.5 in.
120 versionP-T1182P121.63 in.
160 versionP-T1182Q121.75 in.
225 versionP-T1182S121.88 in.
300 versionP-T1182T121.88 in.
1000 versionP-T1182W123.40 in.
Inside Diameter30 versionP-T1182K121.50 in.
50 versionP-T1182L121.25 in.
80 versionP-T1182M121.6 in.
120 versionP-T1182P121.45 in.
160 versionP-T1182Q121.70 in.
225 versionP-T1182S121.62 in.
300 versionP-T1182T121.85 in.
1000 versionP-T1182W122 in.
Lead Length8 in.
Outside Diameter30 versionP-T1182K123.00 in.
50 versionP-T1182L123.25 in.
80 versionP-T1182M123.5 in.
120 versionP-T1182P124.25 in.
160 versionP-T1182Q124.25 in.
225 versionP-T1182S124.5 in.
300 versionP-T1182T124.88 in.
1000 versionP-T1182W126.85 in.
Parallel Secondary30 versionP-T1182K1212V @ 2.5A
50 versionP-T1182L1212V @ 4.16A
80 versionP-T1182M1212V @ 6.66A
120 versionP-T1182P1212V @ 10A
160 versionP-T1182Q1212V @ 13.34A
225 versionP-T1182S1212V @ 18.76A
300 versionP-T1182T1212V @ 25A
1000 versionP-T1182W1212V @ 83.4A
Series Secondary30 versionP-T1182K1224V C.T. @ 1.25A
50 versionP-T1182L1224V C.T. @ 2.08A
80 versionP-T1182M1224V C.T. @ 3.33A
120 versionP-T1182P1224V C.T. @ 5A
160 versionP-T1182Q1224V C.T. @ 6.67A
225 versionP-T1182S1224V C.T. @ 9.38A
300 versionP-T1182T1224V C.T. @ 12.5A
1000 versionP-T1182W1224V C.T. @ 41.7A
Toroid CenterOpen
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions30 versionP-T1182K123 in. × 3 in. × 1.4 in.
50 versionP-T1182L123.25 in. × 3.25 in. × 1.5 in.
80 versionP-T1182M123.5 in. × 3.5 in. × 1.5 in.
120 versionP-T1182P124 in. × 4 in. × 1.63 in.
160 versionP-T1182Q124.35 in. × 4.35 in. × 1.75 in.
225 versionP-T1182S124.5 in. × 4.5 in. × 2 in.
300 versionP-T1182T125 in. × 5 in. × 2 in.
1000 versionP-T1182W126.85 in. × 6.85 in. × 3.4 in.
Weight (Packaging)30 versionP-T1182K121 lbs.
50 versionP-T1182L121.75 lbs.
80 versionP-T1182M122.25 lbs.
120 versionP-T1182P123 lbs.
160 versionP-T1182Q123.6 lbs.
225 versionP-T1182S125.3 lbs.
300 versionP-T1182T125.75 lbs.
1000 versionP-T1182W1216.5 lbs.
Product Measurements by Item
P-T1182K12 - 30 version% Voltage Regulation11.70%
Height1.25 in.
Inside Diameter1.50 in.
Lead Length8 in.
Outside Diameter3.00 in.
Parallel Secondary12V @ 2.5A
Series Secondary24V C.T. @ 1.25A
Toroid CenterOpen
P-T1182L12 - 50 version% Voltage Regulation12.60%
Height1.5 in.
Inside Diameter1.25 in.
Lead Length8 in.
Outside Diameter3.25 in.
Parallel Secondary12V @ 4.16A
Series Secondary24V C.T. @ 2.08A
Toroid CenterOpen
P-T1182M12 - 80 version% Voltage Regulation9.70%
Height1.5 in.
Inside Diameter1.6 in.
Lead Length8 in.
Outside Diameter3.5 in.
Parallel Secondary12V @ 6.66A
Series Secondary24V C.T. @ 3.33A
Toroid CenterOpen
P-T1182P12 - 120 version% Voltage Regulation7.70%
Height1.63 in.
Inside Diameter1.45 in.
Lead Length8 in.
Outside Diameter4.25 in.
Parallel Secondary12V @ 10A
Series Secondary24V C.T. @ 5A
Toroid CenterOpen
P-T1182Q12 - 160 version% Voltage Regulation7.70%
Height1.75 in.
Inside Diameter1.70 in.
Lead Length8 in.
Outside Diameter4.25 in.
Parallel Secondary12V @ 13.34A
Series Secondary24V C.T. @ 6.67A
Toroid CenterOpen
P-T1182S12 - 225 version% Voltage Regulation7.20%
Height1.88 in.
Inside Diameter1.62 in.
Lead Length8 in.
Outside Diameter4.5 in.
Parallel Secondary12V @ 18.76A
Series Secondary24V C.T. @ 9.38A
Toroid CenterOpen
P-T1182T12 - 300 version% Voltage Regulation7.10%
Height1.88 in.
Inside Diameter1.85 in.
Lead Length8 in.
Outside Diameter4.88 in.
Parallel Secondary12V @ 25A
Series Secondary24V C.T. @ 12.5A
Toroid CenterOpen
P-T1182W12 - 1000 version% Voltage Regulation2.20%
Height3.40 in.
Inside Diameter2 in.
Lead Length8 in.
Outside Diameter6.85 in.
Parallel Secondary12V @ 83.4A
Series Secondary24V C.T. @ 41.7A
Toroid CenterOpen

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