Transformer - Hammond, Audio Interstage, 5 Watt

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Transformer - Hammond, Audio Interstage, 5 Watt

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  • Designed for general purpose or replacement use in push-pull or phase inverter tube driver circuits.
  • Should not be used for single ended applications. They have no gap for DC bias current present in SE mode.
  • Open style with minimum 5" long primary leads.
  • Minimum frequency response 150 Hz. - 15 Khz (± 1db max. ref. 1 Khz.) at full rated power.
Part No. Audio Primary Secondary Laminations
Impedance D.C. Resistance Impedance D.C. Resistance Winding
P-T124B 5 W 10 kΩ 403 Ω 90 kΩ C.T. 1500 Ω C.T. 49% Nickel
P-T124D 5 W 7 kΩ C.T. 454 Ω 15.8 kΩ C.T. 681 Ω C.T. Grain Oriented Steel
P-T124E 5 W 15 kΩ C.T. 728 Ω 33.8 kΩ /135 kΩ 3880 Ω Dual Grain Oriented Steel
RoHS Compliant
Item ID:
Part Numbers
Primary ImpedanceOur Part NumberUPC/EANHammond Part Number
7 kΩP-T124D623980241999 124E
10 kΩP-T124B623980241968 124E
15 kΩP-T124E623980241982 124E
Product Measurements
Dielectric Strength500 Vrms
Item Height7 kΩ version1.683 in.
10 kΩ version1.433 in.
15 kΩ version2.35 in.
Item Length7 kΩ version1.29 in.
10 kΩ version1.18 in.
15 kΩ version1.7 in.
Item Width7 kΩ version1.95 in.
10 kΩ version1.7 in.
15 kΩ version1.96 in.
Leakage Inductance7 kΩ version0.125 H
10 kΩ version0.11 H
15 kΩ version0.18 H
Mounting Hole Center to Center7 kΩ version2.38 in. U-bracket
10 kΩ version2 in. U-bracket
15 kΩ version2.38 in. U-bracket
Mounting Hole Center to Center A7 kΩ version2.375 in.
10 kΩ version2 in.
15 kΩ version2.375 in.
Mounting Hole Diameter0.187 in.
Output Power (POut)5 W
Primary D.C. Resistance7 kΩ version728 Ω
10 kΩ version403 Ω
Primary D.C. Resistance, blue-red15 kΩ version373 Ω
Primary D.C. Resistance, red-brown15 kΩ version355 Ω
Primary Inductance7 kΩ version6.45 H
10 kΩ version28 H
15 kΩ version15.9 H
Secondary D.C. Resistance10 kΩ version1,525 Ω
Secondary D.C. Resistance, black-green7 kΩ version394 Ω
15 kΩ version2,250 Ω
Secondary Impedance7 kΩ version15.8 kΩ C.T.
10 kΩ version90 kΩ C.T.
15 kΩ version33.8 kΩ / 135 kΩ
Secondary Inductance7 kΩ version14.4 H
10 kΩ version108 H
Turns Ratio7 kΩ version1:1.49
10 kΩ version1:3
15 kΩ version1:2.97, 1:5.94
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions7 kΩ version3.8 in. × 2.3 in. × 2.3 in.
10 kΩ version6 in. × 3.9 in. × 1.8 in.
15 kΩ version3.8 in. × 3.3 in. × 3.3 in.
Weight (Packaging)7 kΩ version0.648 lbs.
10 kΩ version0.387 lbs.
15 kΩ version1.064 lbs.

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