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P-H394Switch - Rotary, 3 Poles, 4 Position

3 pole, 4 position (make before break) rotary switch with a ¼" solid shaft.

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P-H516Relay - Fender®, DPDT, 24V

Original Fender®, DPDT, 24V, used in Blues Deluxe®, Blues Deville®, Hot Rod Deluxe®, Hot Rod Deville®.

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P-H515Switch - Fender®, Toggle, SPST, Standby, Tabs

Original Fender®, Carling SPST standby for Fender tube amps - 3A, 250VAC; 6A, 125VAC.

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P-H35-148Switch - Toggle, DPDT, 3 Position, On-Off-On

3 position (on-off-on) heavy duty bat handle toggle switch with screw terminals. Made in USA. • Rating: 20A 125VAC, 10A 250VAC, ¾" HP 125 - 250VAC • DPDT • Mounting Hole: .50in.

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P-H512Switch - Fender®, DPST, Power, for '94 Twin & Others

Original Fender®, Carling DPST standby/power for '94 Twin amp and other amp models - 3A, 250VAC; 6A, 125VAC.

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P-MS212Switch - Marshall, SW DPDT, Push, PC Mount

Marshall push latch 30V DPDT switch. PC Mount. Used as front panel push button selector switches on Valvestate Mk1 amps: Clean / Crunch, Channel Select, OD1 / OD2, FX Loop Level, Chorus On/Off, Mode A/B

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P-H1600Switch - Rotary Impedance Selector, for 1600 Series

Includes: 3 pole, 4 position rotary switch, ¼" output jack and black chicken head knob. Hammond 1600 series transformers all provide secondary impedances of 4, 8, or 16 ohms but due to the unique wiring of the secondary, the impedance cannot be changed without rewiring... Until now. We now offer a selector switch, pre-wired and complete with ¼" output jack. Follow simple instructions provided to wire transformer secondary to switch, mount switch and ¼" jack in separate 3/8" diameter holes in chassis and you'll easily be able to select output impedance as necessary.

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P-H390Switch - Rotary, 1 Pole, 12 Positions, ¼" Shaft, MBB

.3A 125 VAC. 1 pole, 12 position, solid ¼" shaft. Make before break (shorting).

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P-H514Switch - Fender®, Toggle, SPST, Standby, Solder Lugs

Original Fender®, Carling SPST power for Fender tube amps - 3A, 250VAC; 6A, 125VAC, ½" mounting hole.

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P-H391Switch - Rotary, 1 Pole, 12 Positions, ¼" Shaft, BBM

.3A 125VAC. 1 pole, 12 position, solid ¼" shaft. Break before make (non-shorting).

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(11 pages)
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