P-H495-T Switch - Toggle, SPST, for Fender®
SPST On-Off toggle switch. Made in Taiwan (M10 x.1.0 threading) .39" bushing diameter.
P-H501-DEMONT Footswitch - 3PDT, DeMont, Latching, Smooth-Click
Premium quality latching 3PDT switches from DeMont / Guyatone. These made in Japan switches are designed specifically for audio signals. The Demont 3PDT has ultra-smooth switching action and has a very low actuation force. It uses gold plated solder cup terminals for solid connections with a professional look. Mounting hardware included.
P-H52-DRESS-WIDE Nut - Wide Dress Nut, Threaded Through, 15/32-32UNS
Wide dress nuts for use with full size toggle switches and footswitches. These dress nuts feature a wide chamfered edge that pairs nicely with smaller dress nuts such as P-H54-DRESS-WIDE, P-H54-DRESS-THRU, and P-H54-NUT-DRESS. These nuts are threaded through and fit any 15/32-32UNS bushing such as Carling footswitches and full sized toggles.
P-H52-INDICATORX Switch Indicator Plate - Washer, Carling, On-Off
High quality switch indicator plates from Carling. These are made from nickel plated steel and feature deeply engraved text. These indicator plates fit full sized Carling toggle switches.
P-H501-PC Footswitch - 3PDT, Blue, PC Mount, latching-type
3PDT latching footswitch with PC terminals. Blue with 9 terminals. Made in Taiwan.
P-H562X Switch - Carling, Mini Rocker, SPST, 16A, 125VAC
Carling miniature latching rocker switch, SPST, On-Off with .25" tabs. 0.48" x 1.072" mounting hole diameter, 16A, 125 VAC. Since its introduction, the Curvette switch has become the barometer for versatility and performance in the switch market. Self cleaning contacts and international approvals make the Curvette the switch of choice for many markets. Two color visi rocker to indicate “on” function. Patented mounting wings accommodate a wide range of panel openings.
P-K334 Switch Tip - Fender®, barrel-style for Telecaster
Original Fender set of two plastic "barrel" switch tips for use on most U.S. and Mexico-made Telecaster models manufactured from 1952-present.
package of 2
P-H502 Switch - Selector, Vintage Style, for Marshall, Male
Vintage style selector switch male part, replacement for Marshall.
P-H52-NUT-KNURL Knurled Nut - Carling, 15/32-32UNS, for Toggle and Foot Switches
Genuine Carling knurled nut commonly used on full size toggle switches and footswitches. This nickel plated knurled nut has a 15/32 threading and offers a clean look on builds using these switches.
package of 5
P-H410-A Footswitch - 4PDT, Black, Solder Lugs
Quad Pole, Double Throw (4PDT), latching footswitch with 12 solder lugs.
P-H521X Switch - Carling, Toggle, DPDT, 3 Position, On-Off-On
Carling, 3 position DPDT toggle switch (on-off-on). Rated for 12A at 250VAC and 17A at 125VAC.
P-H531X Switch - Carling, Toggle, SPST, Solder Lugs, Momentary
Carling, SPST toggle, momentary. 3A 250V, 6A 125V. Made in Mexico.
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P-H503 Footswitch - DPDT, Momentary, Solder Lugs
DPDT momentary footswitch. AC125V/4A AC250V/2A. Rated for 50,000 make-and-break cycles at full load.
P-H501-ALPHA-L Footswitch - 3PDT, Alpha, Solder Lugs, Long Bushing
High quality Alpha 3PDT footswitch with solder lugs and a long bushing. The Alpha 3PDT is a great choice for a durable and reliable footswitch. Mounting nuts, washer, and lockwasher included.
  • Bushing Length: 15.25mm
  • Threading: M12 x 0.75
  • Solder Lugs
P-H496 Switch - Carling, Toggle, SPDT, 3 Position, Center Off, Ground
Carling SPDT 3 position center off toggle (On-Off-On). Great Fender ground switch replacement, 3A, 250VAC; 6A, 125VAC.
P-SW53 Switch - Fender®, Pickup Selector, 4-Way Telecaster Mod
Whether you need to replace a worn switch or just want to add a little tonal variety to your favorite instrument, Fender&reg offers this high quality, 4 position switch with knob and mounting hardware. Telecaster players have long debated the merits of having their pickups wired in parallel vs. in series. In the traditional parallel wiring configuration, pickup output is relatively consistent across all three positions. A Telecaster with its pickups wired in series differs in that when both pickups are on at the same time, the combination produces fatter tone and higher output.
P-H516 Relay - Fender®, DPDT, 24 V, replacement
Original Fender®, DPDT, 24V, used in Blues Deluxe®, Blues Deville®, Hot Rod Deluxe®, Hot Rod Deville®.
P-H489 Switch - Marshall Style, Rocker, Power for MG Amps, Black
Marshall style black On-Off rocker switch for MG amps. 0.51" x 0.76" Mounting Hole. DPST.
P-H713-21B Switch - Black Bat, Toggle, DPST, On-Off/On-Off, Vintage Marshall Style, Solder Lugs
Black bat toggle switches with a similar style to the Arrow and Torotor switches found on many vintage Marshall amps. This On-Off SPST switch is rated for 230VAC, 4.5A. When in the up position, both switches are on. When in the down position, both switches are off. Includes one hex nut and one knurled nut.
S-HSDW-M12-X Washer - Flat, M12, Stainless Steel, Oversized
Colors Available:
Oversized M12 flat washers. These washers fit both metric (M12) and imperial (15/32) bushings for compatibility with the vast majority of foot switches and full-sized toggle switches. These oversized washers are a great way to add a distinctive look to projects.
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P-MSTACT-5B Switch - Tactile, Pushbutton, 5mm Height, 2 Pin, PCB Mount
PCB snap-in tactile switch with a 5mm height when mounted. This momentary Off-(On) SPST tactile switch has a two pin 4.5mm footprint.
P-H490 Switch - Rocker, Standby for JCM Series & Others, Black
For Marshall™, JCM series and others. 15/16" x 1 1/16" x 1" deep. DPST On-Off switch,
P-MSTACT-7C Tactile Switch - Tube Screamer Replacement, PCB Mount
PCB mounted tactile switch most commonly used as a replacement for faulty Tube Screamer footswitches. This Off-(On) SPST tactile switch is rated for 12VDC at 50mA.
P-SW62-B Switch - Les Paul 3 Position, US Retro-Fit, black base
3 Position Les Paul/PRS style switch. US Retro-fit, black.
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