Speaker - Peavey, 12", Black Widow 1201-8 BW, 700W

Speaker - Peavey, 12", Black Widow 1201-8 BW, 700W image 1
Speaker - Peavey, 12", Black Widow 1201-8 BW, 700W image 2
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Speaker - Peavey, 12", Black Widow 1201-8 BW, 700W image 1Speaker - Peavey, 12", Black Widow 1201-8 BW, 700W image 2
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Speaker - Peavey, 12", Black Widow 1201-8 BW, 700W

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The 1201 is an 8 ohm, 12" Black Widow/Super Structure speaker intended primarily for sound reinforcement. Offering superior sensitivity and power handling in a 12" speaker, the 1201 utilizes a Kevlar impregnated cone for a smooth response characteristic well suited to vocals, stage monitors, and other compact applications. This model can also be used to provide outstanding mid-bass performance in a multi-way system.

These state-of the-art speakers feature Kevlar® impregnated cones and a high efficiency magnet structure to provide outstanding sensitivity, reliability, and performance. The Kevlar impregnated cone is stiffer than an equivalent weight paper cone, reducing the tendency of the cone to distort the shape of the voice coil, thus avoiding rubs and scrapes. Superior power handling results from the increased stiffness, especially with large cone excursions. This cone also offers lower distortion than a paper cone due to a greater dampening of unwanted cone vibrations. The piston action of the Kevlar impregnated cone is extended to a higher frequency, while the range above is better controlled, with a reduction in vibrational break-up.

The magnet structure features a patented Peavey technology: a one piece die-cast back plate/pole piece assembly. This construction eliminates an undesirable "air gap" in the magnet circuit, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

Another Peavey original is the design of the speaker framework. In the unlikely event of the failure of a Black Widow loudspeaker, the cone/basket assembly is field replaceable with a factory assembled and tested replacement basket assembly. Instead of being forced to obtain a whole new speaker, only a new basket assembly is required. Lightweight and relatively inexpensive, the replaceable basket assembly offers an easy solution to spares and repairs.

Along with these state-of-the-art aspects, Black Widow speakers also provide the features expected in a professional application loudspeaker: a four inch edgewound aluminum ribbon voice coil wound on a Kapton(TM) former for high efficiency and sensitivity; a die-cast aluminum alloy frame for exacting lifelong alignment of the assembly; an extra large vent in the magnet structure for superior cooling and linearity at high drive levels; and heavy-duty spring loaded terminals adhering to industry standards for color coding.

  • Sensitivity: 98.5 dB / 1W 1 m
  • Usable freq. range: 60 Hz ~ 3.5 kHz
  • Power capacity: 1400 W Peak, 700 W Program, 350 W Continuous
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Product Measurements
ConeKevlar impregnated cellulose
Diameter12 in.
Diaphragm Area SD0.052 m2
Disp109 in3
Electrical Q Factor Qes0.270
Equivalent acoustic volume Vas66.3 l
Force Factor Bxl19.60 T/M
Free air resonance Fo57.4 Hz
Impedance8 ohms
Maximum Linear Displacement Xmax2.60 mm
Mechanical Q Factor Qms4.84
Mechanical compliance Cms172.8 uM/N
Moving mass Mms44.40 gm
Pmax700 W
Power Capacity (continuous)350 W
Power Capacity (peak)1400 W
Power Capacity (program)700 W
Reference efficiency no4.49 %
Sensitivity99.5 dB/1W 1m
Sound Pressure Level98.5 1W 1m
Total Q Factor Qts0.257
Usable Frequency Range60 Hz - 3.5 kHz
Vd16.5 in3
Voice Coil DC Resistance Re6.52 ohms
Voice Coil Diameter4 in.
Voice coil inductance Le0.37 mH
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions16 in. × 15.3 in. × 6.5 in.
Weight (Packaging)18.8 lbs.

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We do not carry a 16 Ohm version of this speaker at this time.
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