Speaker - Celestion, 10", G10M Greenback, 30W

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Speaker - Celestion, 10", G10M Greenback, 30W

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The 10" that thinks it's a 12". This speaker was developed to recapture the legendary sound of Celestion's 1970s 10s - a 10" speaker with a surprisingly meaty tone. Low in output but with the weighty low-end balance of a 12", the G10 Greenback features a complex, creamy mid-range and smooth, vintage top-end. Presented with overdrive distortion, it displays a well balanced crunch.

RoHS Compliant
Item ID:
CelestionCelestion Classic
Part Numbers
ImpedanceOur Part NumberCelestion Part NumberUPC/EAN
16 ΩP-A-G10M-16 T5646D
8 ΩP-A-G10M-8739894564601 T5646D
Product Measurements
Chassis TypePressed steel
Cut-out Diameter9.0 in.
D.C. Resistance (Re) 8 Ω version6.41 Ω
16 Ω version12.05 Ω
Diameter10.0 in.
Frequency Range95 Hz - 5,500 Hz
Magnet Structure Diameter124 mm
Magnet TypeCeramic
Magnet Weight33 oz.
Mounting Hole Bolt Circle Diameter245 mm
Mounting Hole Length6.5 mm
Mounting Hole Width11 mm
Mounting Slots8
Nominal Diameter10 in.
Nominal Impedance8 Ω version8 Ω
16 Ω version16 Ω
Overall Depth102 mm
Power Rating30 W
Resonance Frequency (ƒS)98 Hz
Sensitivity95 dB
Voice Coil Diameter1.75 in.
Voice Coil MaterialRound copper
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions11.3 in. × 10.8 in. × 5 in.
Weight (Packaging)4.8 lbs.

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Product Reviews

5.00 out of 5 based on 3 reviews
- January 6th, 2020
5 out of 5

I am very happy with my purchase for these speakers. They were the missing ingredient. I had great guitars, pickups, amps... but something was missing to achieve that perfect tone. I installed these into a 15 watt Marshall MG series microstack. I use the stock head as well as a DSL series 1 watt head. I replaced both speakers with these Greenback speakers. The difference in clarity is unreal. They sound awesome in all circumstances, but playing lead with the neck pickup is out of this world. The greenbacks may not be for everybody, you should research and find a speaker that suits your needs, but Celestion is highly rated in my book. Also I love buying from Amplified Parts. Great prices and service.

- May 22nd, 2018
5 out of 5

Recently, I got a Marshall Lead 12 Micro Stack (solid state, made in 1986), well it was just the head and only 1 1x10 cab, a micro half stack if you will, and it had the original Celestion G10D-25 speaker in it.

That speaker was designed to simply make a sound, not a good sound, just a sound. The speaker made the amp just plain fizzy, Set the treble above 3, and it was just pure fizz, not enough bass either, so yeah, a thin fizzy tone.

I looked at the Ten 30, the G10N-40, the Celestion G 10 Vintage and finally the most expensive of the bunch, the Greenback. There was no videos or sound samples of the 10" greenback with a lead 12, so I was taking a chance, but it's a MASSIVE improvement. The amp is not fizzy at all anymore, much improved bass and mids, and it's quite a lot louder than the old speaker. It really doesn't sound like a Solid State amp anymore.

The problem most people have with Solid State amps isn't the fact it's transistors and not tubes, it's really the cheap speakers that are put into them, a good speaker with the right EQ curve will make a solid state amp sound much better.

I am extremely happy with this speaker and it was worth every penny. I'm really thinking about getting another for my Marshall Class 5. (I have seen a video of a Class 5 with a 10" greenback, and it sounded ace.)

- October 13th, 2011
5 out of 5

I use this speaker in 2 of my amps, a Crate Club 20r made this amp sound 10x better then the stock Eminence speaker and I installed it in my Peavey Classic 20 and this amp is my pride and joy of all the amp I own. I just bought another Greenback 10 for my Peavey Delta Blues 210 for one side and on the other side I will install the new Jensen Electric Lightning. I am excited about the new setup with that.

by Mike G.

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