Snubber Kit - for 4 EL84 Or 2 Octal Tubes

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Snubber Kit - for 4 EL84 Or 2 Octal Tubes

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Snubber parts kit for circuits with (4) EL84 tubes or (2) Octal tubes x2 R-Q1D5K - 1.5K Ohms 5 Watt power resistor x2 R-B8D2M - 8.2Meg Ohms 1 Watt resistor x2 C-RD01-600 - 0.01uF 600 Volt Orange Drop Capacitor Summary Written by Dave Zimmerman - Maven Peal Amplifiers The "Snubber" circuit was published in the "Radiotron Designers Handbook" in the 1930s and is supposed to serve as a "[sonically transparent] shock absorber" to remove unwanted high frequencies and dangerously high voltages resulting from output transformer ringing, without the "brick wall" effect of using diodes. "Output transformer ringing often sounds like unwanted fizz on the notes - especially bass notes."

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Specifications, Files, and Documents

PDF: Article = Instructions (2.22 MB)snubber_article_k-snub.pdf

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Asked by Anonymous on July 2nd, 2018. 1 person subscribed to this question
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Matt H.
July 2nd, 2018
It may work but only you and or a qualified tech will be able to safely make that determination. Typically this kit is easier to perform on a point-to-point hand wired amp as compared to a modern PCB board.
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Product Reviews

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MarkTFlyingV - April 17th, 2018

This is a small kit that is easy to solder together and install if you have some experience tinkering with tube amps. If not, have a tech do it and it won't cost much as it's a ten minute job at most.

I do have a suggestion for AP though. The only supporting document for this kit is a .pdf of a old magazine article. As a magazine article, it's OK but as a product support document it's insufficient. What would be better is have someone qualified write an (non-.pdf) original technical description of what the circuit is, what the best applications are, etc.

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