R-T470 Resistor - 3 Watt, Cemented Wirewound, 5% tolerance, 470Ω
High quality, reduced mass cemented wirewound 3W 470Ω resistors. These durable resistors are the perfect choice for screen grid resistors due to their reduced size and weight compared to ceramic wirewound resistors. Sold individually.
  • 3 watt
  • ±5% tolerance
  • 13mm long by 4.8mm dia.
  • 0.75g
R-PR03-X Resistor - PR03, Vishay BC, 3 Watt, Power Metal Film
High quality metal film resistors from Vishay / BC Components. PR03 resistors are rated for 3W but have a compact 5.2x19.5mm package. These resistors look great in vintage and vintage-style builds and have been used in high-end Marshall amplifiers and other audio equipment. Construction: A homogeneous film of metal alloy is deposited on a high grade ceramic body. After a helical groove has been cut in the resistive layer, tinned connecting wires of electrolytic copper or copper-clad iron are welded to the end-caps. The resistors are coated with a red, non-flammable lacquer which provides electrical, mechanical and climatic protection. This coating is not resistant to aggressive fluxes and cleaning solvents.
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