R-Q Resistors - 5 Watt, Wirewound, Power, 5% tolerance
Wire Wound power resistors are made by wrapping a length of high resistance wire onto an insulating form. Ceramic flame retardant package. Exceptionally small, sturdy and reliable. 5 watt.
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R-U1K Resistor - 5 Watt, Cemented Wirewound, 5% tolerance, 1KΩ
High quality reduced mass cemented wirewound 5W 1KΩ resistors. These durable resistors are the perfect choice for screen grid resistors due to their reduced size and weight compared to ceramic wirewound resistors. Sold individually.
  • 5 watt
  • ±5% tolerance
  • 18mm long by 7.5mm dia.
  • 1.90g
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