Potentiometers are used to control volume and tone. A potentiometer is a three-terminal resistor with a sliding or rotating contact that forms an adjustable voltage divider.Check out our Tech Corder articles on pots, including Potentiometer Types.


Marshall guitar amplifiers are among the most recognized in the world. They are known for their Marshall "crunch".
R-VXL-M-16 Potentiometer - Marshall, Linear, 16mm
Resistances Available:
Linear, 16mm, 7mm bushing.
Starting at $2.95
R-VXA-M-16 Potentiometer - Marshall, Audio, 16mm
Resistances Available:
Audio, 16mm, 7mm bushing.
Starting at $2.42
R-V22KL-BP-M Potentiometer - Marshall, 22K, Linear, Bias, for JMP
22K Linear. Bias / trim pot for JMP.
R-VXL-M Potentiometer - Alpha, Linear, PC Mount, for Marshall
Resistances Available:
Linear. 24mm.
If additional nuts are needed, please see part number R-VM-NUT-2
R-VMG-10KL Potentiometer - Marshall, 10K, 9mm
Genuine Marshall replacement potentiometer for MG Series amps.
  • 10K Linear
  • D-Shaft
R-V10KLX2-M-16 Potentiometer - Marshall, 10K, Linear, Dual, 16mm
10K dual linear, 16mm, 7mm bushing.
R-VKG-XA Potentiometer - Marshall, Audio, 11mm, PC Mount, Square
Resistances Available:
Body width = 11mm, PC mount
R-VKG-XL Potentiometer - Marshall, Linear, 11mm, PC Mount, Square
Resistances Available:
Body width = 11mm, PC mount.
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